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The Foodie Files: Around The World in Barrie

The Foodie Files: Around The World in Barrie

The Foodie Files: Around The World in Barrie

The pandemic that must be named has put a serious dent in travel plans. Vacays to exotic destinations have been forced into dry dock in favour of…road trips to Midhurst, basically.

And for foodies this is a double downer. Not only is exploring new lands all but impossible, the excitement of menu sampling in those far off postal codes is painstakingly out of reach.

However, your taste buds shouldn’t suffer just because you can’t escape the time zone. Barrie is awash in international cuisine options. Moreover, even the most devout trencherman can find a schmorgesborg of artisanal treats from across the globe right here.

Read on for our quick local guide to international themed sustenance!

Asian Tastes

Tandoori Kingdom

Steeped in traditional Indian fare, Tandoori Kingdom is a go-to for spicy and sumptuous dishes consummated in the clay oven.

Where to begin? There’s a wide range of authentic Indian dishes to dive into. Furthermore, vegans and vegetarians will have no problem navigating the menu, with plenty of tasty non-meat options.

Moreover, there are the grilled offerings; classic chicken, lamb and fish offerings activate your appetite as soon as you set eyes on the menu, or detect the arousing smells from the kitchen.


Skewers offer authentic, barbecued meals on a stick inspired by South Korean cuisine. The kitchen churns out live fire items designed to excite and intrigue those in search of some much needed zip for their lunch or dinner.

Inspired by the street food industry in South Korea, the menu is a mixture of tasty sauces and fresh food that stands out with enticing aromas and potency. Additionally, it’s one of the only places in the region where you can get all kinds of food on a stick! 

Com Pho Asia 2

Experience everything Vietnamese cuisine in Barrie’s north end, at Com Pho Asia 2. In like manner, the authentically produced menu offers wonderfully tasting Vietnamese dishes, from classic pho to refreshing vermicelli bowls and the always in demand fried rice.

In fact, their famous pho broth begins simmering the previous day, slowly perfected by 10 hours of refinement before served in a piping hot plate.

Need more Asian inspired options in town? Try Royal Thai Cuisine, Chafresh, Chaopaya or Tara Indian Cuisine!

European Cuisine

Il Buco

You can’t do European without a stop in Italy. And Il Buco Ristorante in the downtown core offers a true appreciation of Italian cuisine. Even though the literal translation is “hole in the wall”, Il Buco is more like a trophy on the mantlepiece.

A well crafted Mediterranean menu produces vintage Italian dishes, that look and taste magnifico. Gnocchi, Chicken Parmigiana and Spaghetti all star on the menu, which is created from a blend of fresh local and house made ingredients. Uniquely crafted, it is enhanced by a perfectly curated wine list. Ask about Enrico’s famous Garlic.

Lasagna Barrie

The quintessential Italian dish…delivered by a tenor? That’s exactly what you get when the crew at Lasagna Barrie offers dinner and delivery of your fav Italian dish.

Working from a ghost kitchen, chef Francesco has taken a generational family favourite recipe and offered it to all of Barrie.

With a menu spanning traditional (beef and pork), all beef, vegetarian, gluten free and Halal options, you won’t be starved for choice. To say nothing of the singing…

Casa Mia

Literally translated as My Home, Casa Mia offers a terrific blend of Mediterranean meals. Specifically, we’re talking Greek and Italian.

With a jam packed menu, a variety of vino and desserts that are close to euphoric, Casa Mia provides a vintage European table experience.

As well as these stupendous spots, check out Limoncello, 147 and Cicco’s to satisfy your European cravings!

Look For Part 2 of The Foodie Files: Around The World in Barrie in the coming weeks! Furthermore, If you Have an International Eating Suggestion in Town, We Want To Hear From You!


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