The Retro Gift Buyers Guide to Barrie

The Retro Gift Buyers Guide to Barrie

Celebration of the past can be a bad idea (mullets) and a good idea (Trainspotting, Guns N’ Roses, basically anything by Bret Easton Ellis). And for the retro lover on your list, a journey back in time might be just the ticket to satiate their sentimentality. 

Sure, celebrating like its Christmas past means no streaming 4K flicks or Pokemon Go check-ins. But with a thoughtful haul of throwback goodies to unwrap, you and your nostalgia lover will be too immersed in memory lane antics to notice. 

From vintage posters to old-school arcade relics to original book copies, we’ve got you covered on your quest for the perfect retrofit.

The Retro Gift Buyers Guide to Barrie

Last Level Lounge

Classic gamers will be right at home at Last Level Lounge. With stalwarts like Tetris, Donkey Kong, and Arkanoid in the house, there is no end of Grade 7 era bragging rights to be won. 

In addition to the games, the Lounge is a museum of pop culture artifacts and analog-inspired drinks. Consider a stocking full of gift cards for an hour (or more) at Last Level. 

BJ’s Records and Nostalgia

Music lovers with a sense of history will find a trove of souvenirs at BJ’s on Clapperton.

The store is packed with vintage posters, vintage music, and vintage collectibles from movies and music of years gone by.

Originally pressed CDs and Vinyl are an absolute must for the musicophiles on your list.

The 400 Market

You knew we would get here eventually! The Market is crammed with stalls, vendors, and purveyors of the past.

In particular, there are plenty of old comics kicking about. It’s unlikely you’ll come across, say, an original version of Action Comics #1 in mint condition…but it’s not totally impossible.

Sanford and Son Antiques

This locale is more for the antique aficionado, but still well worth of visit. With two floors of decade-spanning rarities, you’re bound to find something unique, and out of time.

Bibliophiles on your list? There are scores of original copies and first edition books available.


With two locations in Barrie (downtown and in the south end) Stuff is bristling with gently used items to fit your budget, as well as a taste of years gone by.

This is an ideal destination if you are on the hunt for retro tech; they offer an assortment of older cameras, radios, VHS, and DVDs that could serve as a deliciously decorative addition to a bookcase, or on a shelf.

Did we miss any spots in town to get your retro on? Let us know in the comments!

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