The Social Recap – The Week That Was Jan. 24th

The Social Recap – The Week That Was Jan. 24th

All The Good (And Occasional) Bad of What Went Down in Barrie Last Week

There are three certainties in life…



Social media.

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The Social Recap – The Week That Was Jan. 17th

The doldrums of winter are well and truly here, and despite the instinct to hibernate, there is a world of ice infused beauty beyond our doorstep. Like ice fishing!

Or polar bear dips…

And tanning (sort of)…

The countdown has been on get back in to the pubs and restaurants around town, and today could not come soon enough. Be sure to get yourself and the clan to all of the eateries and cool spots that Barrie has to offer; Last Level Lounge chief among them.

And don’t forget the local breweries as you plan your re-opening parties. Redline, in particular, has a few new bevys you can sample.

It’s a little quiet on the sports front right now, but there are brighter days ahead! The Barrie wrestling championship is a go for March.

It’s not just the pubs and restaurants that are gearing up to welcome guests back. The MacLaren is ready to open their doors, and the artistically talented @breenseven added the gallery to their amazing catalogue of Barrie based sketches.

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