The Stayin’ In and Stayin’ Sane List

The Stayin' In and Stayin' Sane List

With the cold weather approaching, and the recommendations of staying home again are rising, we thought we would offer some fun home based ideas for our Barrie peeps! Bonus: ideas for all ages! 

The Stayin’ In and Stayin’ Sane List

Netflix and…ya know…

Seems like an obvious one but get yourself one of the 8.99 subscriptions to Netflix, crave, or Disney plus! Most of the time you’ll be able to get a 30 day free trial run anyways so you may as well enjoy some free movies and tv shows. They are always changing as the seasons change so you’re sure to find something. One of our recommendations for the holiday season is Disney plus! Mickey’s Christmas Carol is a must for the festive months.


They say diamonds are a girls best friend right? But what about diamond puzzles? These are sure to get you through your boring at home days, work your brain a little and of course give you an absolute beautiful result! 

Do Some Pod Catching

Another great idea when we are stuck inside is to scour the podcast servers for listening. Readers of this space will know we have a few of our own, but there are other great locally produced options. True crime junkies will gravitate to Whereabouts Unknown. Hosted by Barrie private eye Ellen White, it details cold cases of people who have vanished from the area.

There’s also a fun new pop culture themed pod from local filmmaker Mitch Graszat, called sequel talk.

Organize the Clothing ranks

Re-jig your sock drawer. Okay, okay, not as fun, but still, perfect time to finally tackle that tedious task and make sure you’ve got all your cozy socks ready to go for the chilly weather. And if you are still in need of winter woolies, hit up some of the great local garment stores, like ZuZu Fashion, or Cary Grant Clothing to get geared up.

Use Us!

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies”

Take the time to read our blog for safe things to do, local talent, and more! We’ve got a ton of cool content focused on the Barrie area, and we’re always on the lookout for ideas and feedback!  

What did you think of The Stayin’ In and Stayin’ Sane List? Let us know in the comments!

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