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The Ultimate Study Playlist – Barrie Edition

The Ultimate Study Playlist – Barrie Edition

If you haven’t started studying for mid terms, it’s probably due to one of two reasons.

You believe in the power of cramming.

You’re leery of the intense monotony that comes with endless review.

But armed with the right playlist, revising doesn’t have to be painful. The correctly curated tunes can help you power through those readings, while not distracting you from the information.

Barrie Uncovered has got you covered with the Slay Your Studying List! Timed out to just over an hour, we’ve compiled a set of 19 songs from Barrie’s kickass music scene to aid in your academics.

And if you’ve got some suggestions and tracks from the local scene that match up well, let us know!

The Ultimate Study Playlist – Barrie Edition

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