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We are creatures of habit.  We really are, when you think about it.  Our morning usually has some semblance of a routine and often times we do the same ole, same ole.   We live day in and day out and days turn into weeks, turn into months…….blah blah blah.  OMG, all that sounds sort of depressing, eh? Let’s change it up a little.  Let’s do just one thing different and turn our backs on doldrum.

It’s time to discover something new in Barrie and here is how we are going to facilitate that.  We are going to focus on treasures untold on certain streets and drives in Barrie.  Maybe its time to stop shopping at the big “catch all” box stores and finding the little stores that could really use your business.

This month we decided to focus on Tiffin Street.  There are 3 awesome places that we wanted to point out to you.


Barrie Do it yourself Garage

Have you even heard of this place?  If you are mechanically inclined and just need a place to do some repairs then perhaps this is the place to check out.  At the Barrie do it yourself Garage, they provide a 330 piece tool set with each bay rental.  You don’t even have to bring your own tools!  Located at 84 Tiffen Street, the garage is in a great central location of Barrie. Another service provided by Barrie DIY garage is professional help.  You can “rent” a staff mechanic to help out.


Struthmann Enterprises Limited

There is so much to tell you about Struthmann Enterprises that we don’t even know where to start! Struthmann sells an amazing amount of products. You are going to be glad we told you about them.  If you are looking for Auto detailing supplies, janitorial supplies, pool and Spa supplies and even just sundry items.  You don’t have to be a big business to shop here.  All of your cleaning and maintenance products can be found at one location – 287 Tiffin Street, Unit 13 in Barrie! Take a read HERE to learn about how Struthmann Enterprises started.


Simcoe Masonry Centre

Yet another family owned and operated business in Barrie.  Simcoe Masonry has been serving Barrie for over 65 years.  But what do they offer us?  Stone, brick, chimney supplies and fireplaces! If you are looking to update some elements of your home – you would do well to check out this family owned business.  Something that Barrie Uncovered holds dearly is the fact that Simcoe Masonry also supports and gives back to the Barrie Community.  Did you know when they had their 25th anniversary, they also gave away $25,000 in donations to local organizations?  Tip of the Imaginary Hat to you!  Check out the local organizations HERE that Simcoe Masonry has supported.

There you have it! 3 Awesome opportunities to discover Tiffin Street in Barrie.  You have choices, Friend!  Remember there are plenty of local businesses in Barrie that could benefit from your buying power.  We plan on helping you uncover the local community – the Father’s, the Mothers, the Sisters and Brothers.  Maybe even your neighbour.  Let’s make Barrie a smaller community, one local business at a time.

Written by Sharon Johnston | image by Sharon Johnston

Like what you’ve read?  If you’d like your local business to be featured in our Uncover Barrie: Street Spotlight, please reach out to us at info@barrieuncovered.

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