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Spring Cleaning in Barrie – Interior Design Edition

Spring cleaning is about as much fun as cleaning at any other time of the year. But...

Spring Cleaning in Barrie – Interior Design Edition

Spruce Up The Home With A Fresh Look

Spring cleaning is about as much fun as…cleaning at any other time of the year. But at least the annual rite of spic and span can be undertaken under the warming skies of April.

When it is time for you to wipe the last of winter from your abode, invest some time and thought into making a few changes to your living space. Adding in some new furniture, a rug, a cool art piece or even a set of blinds can do wonders for the look and feel of your pad.

Furthermore, Barrie is home to a litany of interior design experts who can help you reconfigure the home. Scroll on for a few ideas to rebalance the house, as well as local options to get you there.

Spring Cleaning in Barrie – Interior Design Edition

Chairing the Meeting

Let’s be honest; hip, statement making furniture isn’t always the most comfortable. So striking the right balance between form and function can be tricky. And given how much more time we are spending at home these days, you definitely need an armchair capable of hosting your non-stop Zoom meetings AND your next binge-watch.

Consider this lush and plump recliner from Axel. It’s got the right mix of La-Z-Boy and Don Draper to work well in your living room or office, and the high quality ensures you’re getting years of use.

You can find it online, and for a local connection to get this piece, hit up Inhabit Interiors & Design on Dunlop.

Light It Up

Even though the days are getting longer, you’ll still need a few brighteners around the home to keep the warmth in post-sunset. A cool new lamp is just the ticket. This wood wrapped light is as effective as any, while bringing a rustic esthetic. Check out Aspen & Ivey’s Insta and website for similar picks to light up your day (and your room)

Art Attack

Long gone are the days when adding a portrait to your living quarters involved sifting through flea market stalls praying to unearth a gem, or waiting months for that friend you had in college to finally finish the print you paid for.

Moreover, many interior designers now offer custom art creation to enhance the vibe you are going for. Instead of devoting your time to searching, you can engage a designer to come up with the right selection of customized art for you. Among the best of the local purveyors is Caroline Harris Designs. Reality TV junkies might recognize her name from HGTV’s “I Wrecked My House”, where she served as the show’s designer.

You can find her online and on Insta.

And if you need more comprehensive interior design in and around Barrie, be sure to reach out to White House Designs, Madison Taylor, and Simpy Design for ideas and inspiration.

Are you doing any spring cleaning interior design work this year? Be sure to tag us on Insta and share your creations! And if you are a Barrie based business looking to expand your digital footprint with unique, locally focused content, reach out today. We will get you Uncovered!

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