5 Most Popular Home Renos 2022

Reading The 5 Most Popular Home Renos 2022 may give you insight into whether you are an avid fan of interior design or looking for a way to add value to your property. Let’s go over the most popular renovations in 2022.

The Home Office

5 Most Popular Home Renos 2022

Many businesses have decided to continue with remote or semi-remote workstations, making home office renovations one of the biggest trends this year. This room has become an increasingly important part of many homes. As most house buyers desire this, adding the space will benefit you by providing your productive workspace and can only help increase the value of your property.


5 Most Popular Home Renos 2022

The following top renovation trend we’re discussing this year is making your home more sustainable. Minor features can have a good ROI, such as upgrading faucets and showerheads to low-flow or installing smart programming on your heating and air conditioning units. Those that want to take it to the next level are considering upgrading insulation or looking at the viability of solar panels or geothermal heating systems.

Adding More Windows

5 Most Popular Home Renos 2022

When considering The 5 Most Popular Home Renos 2022, one of the most popular noted is the increase in installed windows. Having spent so much time at home over the past two years, we seem to be looking for any way possible to feel better. Studies have long shown that natural light can help to decrease fatigue and signs of stress. Homeowners embrace this trend in many ways, adding skylights, floor to ceiling patio doors or just windows.

Outdoor Living

5 Most Popular Home Renos 2022

Even with the extreme weather that Canadians live with, there is a massive increase in creating outdoor living spaces. Many people are adding enclosed porches, while others create complete kitchens under pavilion structures. With the added bonuses of hot tubs, pools, backyard bars and ‘she-sheds’ becoming more popular ‘, Staycations’ are becoming a way of life.


5 Most Popular Home Renos 2022

With the trend of outdoor living so strong, the next project that has become one of the year’s biggest trends is landscaping. People are landscaping their properties to make the most of their outdoor space. The trendsetters are creating landscapes for every season so that they can enjoy nature all year round.

5 Most Popular Home Renos 2022

When considering The 5 Most Popular Home Renos, one of the best calls you can make is to a professional renovator with all this in mind. The pros keep up with all the current trends; understand the values you’re looking for, and the best ways to approach your desired project. Michael Brocklebank of TROC (The Renovators of Canada) is just the man to meet with. Michael has an uncanny sense of understanding your desires and what will work the best.

For more of the stunning designs that Michael has been part of creating, click here.

home design trends of 2022

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Veronika Kovecses

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