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8 Cool Facts about Hydroponics

cool facts about hydroponics
The garden is put to bed. What if it could be moved inside? Consider as you read 8 Cool Facts about...
cool facts about hydroponics

At this time of year gardeners are excited about the harvest.  There’s incredible joy in eating veggies fresh from your own garden, canning and preserving.  All of a sudden though – it’s over. The garden is put to bed.  What if it could be moved inside? Consider that as you read 8 Cool Facts about Hydroponics.

8 Cool Facts about Hydroponics

cool facts about hydroponics

Hydroponics is ideal for growing plants year round indoors.  This lets you have your favorite fruit and veggies no matter what the season.  It may not necessarily save you tons of money, but you’ll know where your food has come from.

Grow all Year Round

cool facts about hydroponics

Actually hydroponics can be done for as little money as you want.  Everything from a simple wicking system using an empty 2L bottle to a pre-built aquaculture system can be used.  Going down the DIY route is a great way to keeping costs lower.  The many tutorial available on-line are a great place to start your research.

Plants grow faster because everything they need to flourish is delivered to them with minimal effort.  In soil, their root systems work diligently to find nutrients and water to encourage their growth.  With hydroponics the plant is fed and the water is available so the plants energy is focused on production instead.

Hydroponic plants are much less prone to disease, often requiring little or no pesticides.  This means no more scrubbing the heck out of tender veggies before eating them.

Beautiful Bounty

cool facts about hydroponics

Not only are the plants healthier, but your veggies can be up to twice as large because they’re growing so efficiently.  Imagine beautiful tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce and peppers even larger, yet with ultra-fresh flavour.

One magnificent reason to consider hydroponics is that NO WEEDING IS REQUIRED.  Who, other than me, loves the look of a pristine garden, yet feels fatigue even thinking about the effort that takes.

Add to Your Enjoyment

cool facts about hydroponics

Aquaponics, a form of hydroponics can make your garden a totally new experience.  Fish and plants can both grow in the same system.  Even better, the waste that the fish produce provides nutrients to the plants that they’ll use.  Then the plants and beneficial bacteria within the system purify the water ensuring a healthy environment for both.

With many pre-built systems you’re able to grow plants vertically reducing the space needed.  Some systems actually allow you to create a living wall of plants that look totally awesome, clean your air for you and take very little space.

An Ancient Form of Gardening

cool facts about hydroponics

Hydroponics have been used since the hanging gardens of Babylon, really thousands of years.  Over the last 70-80 years scientists have become much more interested in the goodness of available veggies year round in our world’s colder climates, hence their return to this process.

Introducing Northcanna Hydroponics

cool facts about hydroponics

Northcanna Hydroponics at 133 Mapleview Dr. invites all gardeners to come in to visit.  With everything from the smallest system for both hydroponics and aeroponics plus – they are an amazing place to shop.  Even our outdoor gardeners will find many useful tools and tips while discussing their passion for growing with the staff.

cool facts about hydroponics

It really is worth taking the time to visit – or to make a call. Hydroponics can be a very serious hobby or simply fun for the whole family.

For even more information on gardens – follow this link.

cool facts about hydroponics

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit:  Stephen Elliott

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