Gifts for the Serious Food Lover

gifts for the serious food lover
Gifts for the Serious Food LoverFinding gifts for the serious food lover who uses only the best cookware and knows all...
gifts for the serious food lover

Finding gifts for the serious food lover who uses only the best cookware and knows all the under-the-radar sites can be very intimidating. But a frugal shopper can have fun and find gifts that will delight an epicure in any price range.
Even a small dash of budget-savvy imagination can lead holiday shoppers to cool, unique treasures as well as essential kitchen gear.

Being a Foodie

gifts for the serious food lover

I admit it. Being a ‘foodie’ is one thing – but being a collector of ‘all things kitchen’ is an even bigger game – and that’s me.
I’m in love with all things Le Creuset at the higher price of giving. They just have so much to offer. There’s no better way (in my opinion) to prepare, cook and serve now; with their knives, pot ware, and dinnerware lines.

Reusable Items

gifts for the serious food lover

However, there are many hidden treasures out there. During Shutdown, when shopping became more arduous, many of us looked for more reusable items. These included, for me at least, reusable bowl covers, mesh bags, produce bags, and even beeswax food wraps. I found this last enviro-saving product perfect for wrapping leftovers and even better when I found it reusable for quite a long time.

Chic and Funky

gifts for the serious food lover

On another level, what busy cook or baker doesn’t love aprons that are both chic and funky? I always have one apron on the ready with a backup supply for guests or small helpers that venture in wanting to help out.
Using a good quality kitchen towel is a must, so they’re a great gift idea as well. Using 100% cotton makes them easy to clean and quick to dry. With as many patterns as there are ideas, they also make great wrapping for that bottle of wine that you present as a hostess gift.

The World's Best...

gifts for the serious food lover

Cleanup is becoming a breeze with so many great dishcloths and scrubbers available now. A small basket of these would make a great gift. Many dishcloths are even compostable now, so there’s that. As for pot scrubbers, my favorite is called The World’s Best Pot Scrubber. This little baby can be used on everything…and I mean everything. I’ve found mine everywhere from the kitchen sink to the BBQ and the garage. Finally fixing that problem, I’ve got a bunch now all colour-coded as to where they belong.

Super Trendy Gifts for the Serious Food Lover

gifts for the serious food lover

This year I think nearly everyone would relish a super trendy charcuterie board. Whether you decide to gift it laden with goodies or ready to use – it will be treasured for years.

Now even in the kitchen, we collect things. Some people collect tools – like nifty pizza cutters; while others collect salt and pepper sets, trivets, teapots, or honey jars. These are the fun, charming, and affordable gifts that will be treasured for years to come.
However, some like to bring a little humour into their gift-giving. This could be coffee mugs with funny sayings or even ‘wine condoms’. Yes…Wine Condoms are really a thing. Certainly, a hilarious conversation starter when you show your skill at opening that little package and rolling it down over a bottle of wine. Better than others you may be familiar with – they’re even reusable.

Everleigh Garden - Downtown Barrie

gifts for the serious food lover

For all these cool ideas and many more, shop local, shop downtown Barrie at Everleigh Garden. Sunny has super cool ideas for gifts for the serious food lover in any price range every day with more products coming in for the Christmas season. So, don’t stress out over the people you think have everything. They really don’t, and you’ll find that perfect gift right here.

For more cool reading about Everleigh Garden, press here.

gifts for the serious food lover

Written by: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Veronika Kovecses

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