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Just Some Noise

just some noise
It’s been tough for musicians since the beginning of the pandemic. Bands want to make ‘just some noise’...
just some noise

Time to jam?  It’s been a tough haul for musicians (and family members) since the beginning of the pandemic.  We all know musicians want to make ‘just some noise’.

Just Some Noise

just some noise

That might be ok for some of the string and key guys – but it talks a toll on the brass, beat box and ‘dnd’.  These guys make NOISE and need noise. 

There has been more soundproofing purchased and egg cartons save in the last 18 months than ever before.  Noise is probably the most common source of contention between neighbours and often family members as well.  It’s bad enough that your jam sessions are being done without the full sound gear, but your drummer and sax guys are really struggling.

Getting Back Together

just some noise

Even now with being able to get back together – there don’t seem to be enough places to jam.  You might be ok in the basement or garage if you’re genre is Country, Folk or Classical, but the Rock, Indie and Grunge groups need real space – a true ‘jam band strong-hold’.

521 Dunlop Street West

just some noise

If you’re in this fix, make tracks over to 521 Dunlop Street W. and meet up with Jay Deschenes at the coolest new jam space in town – Just Some Noise.

Here's the Cool Stuff

just some noise

This is a DIY music space primarily for rehearsal, yet with the ability for recording.  A drum kit, sound equipment, mixer and mikes are there ready to go.  The recording equipment is geared to recording your practice sessions but tracks can be laid down as well.

Set up right now as recording room and studio; plans are ready for expansion as needs grow.  Even some of the younger generation drummers and brass players are coming in to practice a couple of hour a week giving Mom and Dad a much needed break.

The whole idea is to give more opportunity to have fun while collaborating and getting creative with enough space for your full band.

A Bit About Jay

just some noise

Jay himself is a local guy with a gigging background.  As a bassist he’s played with lots of bands around town, doing some serious work in T.O. during high school.  He totally remembers how hard it was to find space – especially for his genre of Alt Rock and Grunge.

Actually Jay has been having some fun working with Kuklinski, a local heavy metal band that have been recording some new concept music.  Their single – Bellyacher was recorded at Just Some Noise as few weeks ago.  Another Band, Agent Mulder, have created some cool Rage tracks there as well.

Wherever you are, whatever you play, Just Some Noise is The Place to Be.

To connect with Jay – give him a call, or send an email to check every thing out!

Even Albert Einstein said, ‘If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician, I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music.  I see my life in terms of music.  I get most joy in life out of music.”     …Genius or What.

For some really cool stuff about area bands, follow this link.

just some noise

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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