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Road Trippin’ – Fergus

Road Trippin'

Road Trippin’ – Fergus

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Day Trips By Car From Barrie

Barrie’s central location makes us a prime hub to launch car voyages through the warm weather months. Every week through October, we’ll bring a new Ontario destination you can reach in a day by car. And if you’ve got suggestions, we want to hear them!

Road Trippin’ – Fergus

Fergus is a scenic heritage community, and one of many idyllic spots to visit in Wellington county.

The town is brimming with culture; stone buildings, quaint eateries, and unique galleries make up this residential community.

Moreover, Fergus is ideal for daytrippers looking for lakeside fun, delicious food, and charming architecture.

If history is your jam, be sure to visit the Wellington County Museum and Archives.

The museum is housed in the oldest surviving example of a Poorhouse in Canada, built-in 1877 to house non-criminals and the destitute. 

Furthermore, there is plenty of water based fun to be had at the Belwood Lake conservation area.

While Fergus has many gardens to stroll through, Templin Gardens is the jewel in the crown. Perfectly situated in the town’s centre, the Templin Gardens typify Fergus’s beauty and charm. 

Start your day with a morning stroll next to the Grand River. At the same time, there is a stone staircase with three pathways leading to the river’s edge. Further, the garden’s geography make for picturesque additions to your Insta reels.

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