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Road Trippin’ – Halloween Haunts

Road Trippin'

Road Trippin’ – Halloween Haunts

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As the spookiest night of the year approaches, you’ve got all the incentive in the world (or underworld in this case) to visit a few frightening locales.

Halloweekend is the perfect time to hit the road to investigate the weird and the creepy. And there are plenty of both within driving distance of Barrie. Read for a trio of terrifying trips to take this weekend!

Round’s Ranch Corn Maze

Although it’s not as terrifying as a full on haunted house, Round’s Ranch still provides slightly petrifying experiences in their extensive corn maze. (And anyone who as seen Signs knows full well that corn mazes are CREEPY). The kids can navigate the maze after dark, or in early evening, with only a flashlight to guide their way.

Round’s ranch is operating the maze every Saturday in October, so you still have two more weekends to take part. They’ve also got loads of daytime and pumpkin related mischief to entertain the family.

Haunted Hollows Scream Park

East Gwillimbury’s most terrifying 1.5-acres is open and looking for victims. This wooded area walk through experience includes an insane asylum, a butcher shop, a cemetery, Frankenstein’s Lab, and some very horrifyingly effective actors.

Halloween Night Of Lights

Halloween Night of Lights is a creepier version of the holiday light fests that takes place during winter holidays in the colder months. Instead of Xmas carols, you’ll get spooky music piping through the speakers. And any reindeers involved will likely be zombie-fied.

The immersive experience uses over 700,000 LED lights and runs out of Sherway Gardens in Toronto.

The experience includes free admission to Pumpkinville, a pop-up market featuring thousands of carved pumpkins and family friendly fun.

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