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Road Trippin’ – The Skydeck

Road Trippin'

Road Trippin’ – The Skydeck

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Road Trippin’ – The Skydeck

Thousand Islands Skydeck

Housed in Lansdowne, a rural community in the 1000 Islands region, this rustic town is home to one of the highest lookout towers in Ontario. The lookout stands more than 100 metres above sea level.

Opened in 1965, the 1000 Islands Tower welcomed upwards of 100,000 visitors in the first few years it was in operation. Uniquely, the cost of entry to the observation deck in those days was only 25 cents!

Unlike the similarly epic in scale Dorset Lookout, the 1000 Islands Tower does provide quick access to the top. There is a non-stop elevator that will zip you to the roof in less than a minute.

If you or one of your crew insist on climbing the massive staircase instead, there are two other observation decks to enjoy, that can only be accessed via the stairs.

Once you ascend to the apex, a completely (breathtaking) open-air platform awaits you. The upper most observation point provides a panoramic view of the surrounding land, as well as a birds-eye view of the colossal 1000 Islands Bridge spanning Georgina and Constance Island.

A trip up the tower for Insta pics is well worth the gas.

The 1000 Islands Tower is open, but hours vary during the week.

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