It's All About Protection

It’s all about Protection when you buy a Classic Car.  Some people take the restoration of a classic very seriously and leave it to the pros, while others make it a hobby (lifelong sometimes). 

Wrapping Your Love

It's All About Protection

Imagine, the car of your dreams is sitting there almost ready to be road-worthy once again.  Then imagine that final step of painting or wrapping your love ready for its first big drive.  The excitement is palpable.

The Wraptastic4 is the Place to go

It's All About Protection

That’s when we suggest heading over to Mark Legere at The Wraptastic4 here in Barrie.  Mark has a love of cars to match any hobbyist.  Even better than that, he wants everyone to understand how well a wrap can replace and protect your baby at the same time.

It's All About Protection

It's All About Protection

People used to think that vehicle wraps were just for advertising business or fleets of vehicles.  This isn’t true today.  Today, we’re learning that your entire car can be wrapped in almost any colour, style or pattern your heart desires, and for no more than the cost of a customized paint job.  The best part though is the protection a vehicle wrap gives the underlying vehicle.

In a nutshell, a vinyl wrap is applied to your vehicle to give it a whole new look.  The strong vinyl material not only looks great, but it also protects the car’s paint from damage and chipping.  Another great perk of vinyl car wraps is that they’re super easy to clean.  You should clean your car by hand, however.  Opting for a power wash or using the car wash at your local gas station could cause damage to the wrap.

More Cost Effective Than You Think

It's All About Protection

In most cases, car wrapping costs less that a new paint job, which is part of what makes it so appealing.  Another perk? These wraps come in a huge range of awesome colours including chrome-like metallic and funky prints.

You’ll get a lot more uniqueness with a car wrap than you would with a traditional paint job.  Custom paint can cost a fortune, but a wrap is offered at just a fraction of that price.

And with the computer program found at The Wraptastic4, you’re able to check out every detail thoroughly before you actually begin.

You're Only Limited by Your Imagination

It's All About Protection

So, whether you are a Classic Car buff or just love cars in general, check out some of the work that has been done at The Wraptastic4.  There’s some pretty cool ideas found right here in Barrie. Click here for more reading.

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Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

Have you had your vehicle wrapped in a really cool design? Share it with us in the comments!

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