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6 Ways To Treat Yourself in Barrie for $20 or Less

Keep The Costs Down But The Enjoyment Up

Having a day on the town doesn’t have to mean adding copious amounts to your (sometimes ominous) credit card balance.

Barrie offers a number of cost effective options for merriment.

Treat yourself to one or two outings of $20 or less with these suggestions!

6 Ways To Treat Yourself in Barrie for $20 or Less

Have Brunch

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so when you combine it with lunch you get double the nourishment.

Dunlop Street Diner, Midway Diner and Gibby G’s on Yonge street all provide bacon and egg infused dishes that come in under $20. Dunlop Street Diner even has a 2 Egg plate for under $10.

It’s well worth the investment for a midday meal, particularly on a weekend.

Indulge In a Tea Or Hot Chocolate

A warm cup of pick me up goes a long way to fill the soul on any given day. And it’s not going to send you into overdraft.

Casa Cappuccino and Homestead Artisan Bakery are great downtown options for a specialty tea or delicious hot choccy.

And if you are more British inclined, Campbell’s Tearoom on Burton Avenue is a terrific destination to get the full on proper “cuppa” experience. Their English Cream Tea and Scone come in at just $7.50 and $4 each.

Try Meditation

It’s not just the body that needs to worked on. The mind can always benefit from a recharge and some pampering.

Meditating can help soothe the stresses of the grind, and there is a Buddhist meditation centre in downtown Barrie to start practicing.

Classes happen on Thursday evenings for just a $10 donation, and are led by a meditation expert.

Grab Some Bath Products

Sometimes a long bath can be almost as refreshing as a day away from work or school. And you can up the long soak luxury with a selection of bath bombs and scented soaps.

Organic Body Shop provides a wide range of naturally produced bath products. You can score a scented soap or some aromatherapy body wash for anywhere from $4 – $20. And they have a huge line of skincare options if you’re looking to throw in a few extras.

Enjoy A Cocktail

It’s tricky to keep your tab under $20 when it comes to cocktails on a night out. But if you really commit to just one or two, Chillz Lounge in Barrie is the spot for you.

Located next door to Swirleez off Lakeshore downtown, Chillz offers a packed menu of unique cocktails, including Velvet Galaxy and Wildberry Frozen Moijto.

What did you think of our 6 Ways To Treat Yourself in Barrie for $20 or Less? Any places or ideas we missed? Let us know and we’ll include them in a future blog! 

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