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A Great Date Night in Barrie

Looking for A Great Date Night in Barrie - Look no further! Picture this: it’s Saturday night, and you have a date ...

Looking for A Great Date Night in Barrie – Look no further!  Picture this: it’s Saturday night, and you have a date with that good looking barista you’ve summed up the courage to finally ask out. You plan to go out for a drink, but you’re worried there won’t be enough to talk about, resulting in awkward silence. What do you do? You cancel out of nervousness three hours before. Sound familiar? Well, we’re here today to talk about a great first-date idea that provides protection from that awkward silence. 

The Date

So what is it already? The answer is Billiards, or “pool” as it’s often called. Now what makes billiards such a great first date option? Well for starters it’s very similar to the bar, meaning its low key, drinks, and plenty of time for great conversation. But what separates this from the bar is if the conversation does dies down for whatever reason, you have the game of billiards to fall back on. Confused? Let’s get into this.

How Pool can create A Great Date Night in Barrie

Billiards is a simple enough game. You take turns trying to get balls into pockets. Now, let’s not going bore you with the rules of the game, but instead suggest a way to progress through the night. Grab a drink for each other, set up the balls and start playing! You can start with small talk while each of you play your turn, comment on amazing trick shots (or spectacular fails), or even talk about what’s on the TV in the corner. It’s excellent because billiards allows you to jump right in. 

There is no need to think of something to say because something will naturally come up as you play. For some reason, people find it much easier to talk to someone brand new while doing something simultaneously. Better yet, you can take fun risk shots while the game is played and make fun of yourself in the process. Got a tricky shot coming up next? “Watch as I hit it behind my back with my eyes closed!” This breaks down awkwardness, making both of you feel more comfortable.

Ball for a question

This is a super fun mini-game you can do to make sure chatting keeps going on for a while. But before we get into it, make sure you understand that winning the game doesn’t matter! You’re here to have fun and learn about your date, not destroy them with your pool skills (or lack thereof). So please, don’t take this as a way to win the game. Every time your date sinks a ball, they must answer a question of your choosing (and vice versa). This question could be absolutely anything but must be answered honestly, no matter what. If your date answers, the game continues; however, if your date chooses not to answer, you have to take one of their sunken balls outside its pocket. 

Now hold on, before you think about all these dastardly questions you want to ask, know this: every question asked gets redirected to the person who asked the initial question. Meaning when you ask your date a question, regardless of if they answer or not, you must answer your query as well. If you refuse, your ball gets taken out. And if you haven’t sunken any yet, you miss a turn. Are you up for the challenge?

Wrap Up

Now, like all date ideas, you don’t have to play the game if you don’t want to. Getting some drinks, playing pool and talking with your date will make for a great first date experience! But if you’re dying to know a little more about the other person, ‘Ball for a Question’ is a great way to find out. Regardless of what you choose to do, billiards is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a fun and unique first-date experience. A perfect place to set the scene is at Alliance Billiards in the North East End of the city. Alliance Billiards not only has excellent pool and plenty of tables but delicious bar food as well. Tip back a pint, share a platter and play all night! Just have fun.

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It’s that Comfort Food Time of Year

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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