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The Barrie Beach Bum Summer Guide 


We get it, Centenial beach located downtown Barrie is absolutely beautiful. With the recent updates, flowers, prime location for sun, and being so close to lots of restaurants, it’s most peoples first choice! But we have noticed that this particular beach is always so packed and this can make social distancing a tad tricky.

Well, we’ve got you covered! We went to four beaches in one day so that you didn’t have to! To start off, we went to Wilkins Beach located on Crimson Ridge Road. This beach is super cool because it almost has a secretive and hidden feel to it! It’s a smaller beach but expands into beautiful rivers, and walking paths! This is a truly awesome time but be careful of where you park.

There is also a significant amount of rocks in the water so we suggest water shoes.

Next we went to the beach at Tyndale park, and oh my lanta this is definitely up there in our favourite beaches in Barrie! Parking lot included for those with a Barrie residents pass but this beach offers sand, less rocky waters, grass, washrooms, shade areas, and of course less people!

Third, we hit up the beach at Minets point.  This one is close to Centennial and is located in a cute little area with an ice cream store and all! Pretty choice for kids too!

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Last on our beach hunting adventure, Johnson’s beach. The least rockiest and is prime for afternoon sun. Which  must be why it’s so busy every time we check it out! The trail there isn’t too shabby either for a little something extra to do. You’ll of course want your Barrie residence pass for this one too.

Overall, each beach offers different pros so you’ll have to try them out to see which one fits yours and your family’s needs. Remember to stay home if feeling un well. And to practice social distancing as much as possible shall you choose to attend one of these fab beaches.

What did you think of the Barrie Beach Bum Summer Guide? Did we miss any hidden beach gems? Let us know in the comments! And if you are a Barrie business staying open during Covid, reach out to us! We will get you Uncovered! 

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