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Date Night Destinations: Last Level Lounge

Date Night Destinations: Last Level Lounge

Date Night Destinations: Last Level Lounge

Finding a unique night out with your special someone isn’t always easy.

Whether it’s your first outing together, or an evening to celebrate a 5 year anniversary, date night should be special.

And if you are looking for a unique locale packed with scrumptious selections and cool drinks to make the night memorable, we’ve got just the place!

Date Night Destinations: Last Level Lounge

Last Level Lounge in downtown Barrie makes for a cool and memorable nightly adventure, and it’s packed with unique drink choices and foodie fare.

If you’ve never been to the arcade/bar/museum in downtown Barrie, you’re missing out on a trip back in time.

Last Level is also the perfect destination if you and your bae are gamers. With dozens of vintage arcade staples, like Tetris, Arkanoid, and Donkey Kong, the couple that plays together, really will stay together.

Entry to the Lounge gets you unlimited play on all of the games. In addition, there are new games coming in on a regular basis, meaning you can visit multiple times throughout the year and still get new experiences!

And when it comes time for a tasty bevy, you can explore the retro inspired cocktail menu. The bar is loaded with fancy drinks that are as unique as the bar. Start with a Mario Warp and work you way up to Sonic The Hedgehog!

Foodie Fare

In addition to the games and fancy drink collection, Last Level has teamed with Chavos Crepes for some of the tastiest treats on Dunlop street.

One item you simply must try are the burgers, Korean style! This unique and mouthwatering choice makes for a fantastic foodie adventure for you and that special someone.

If you really want to push the boat out, save up your appetite and sample multiple menu items, like their sumptuous pizza options. Choose from spinach and cured ham, Mexican pulled pork, shrimps and mushrooms, and loads of other inspired wheels.

On top of that, check out the gourmet cheeseburgers, jalapeno cheese fries, nachos and those delectable crepes!

If you do nothing else at Last Level, be sure to dive in to at least one of the inspired pancakes while you are there. (Figuratively, not literally…although when they arrive at your table you can be forgiven for wanting to immerse yourself in the deliciousness).

At the same time, if you REALLY want to impress your other half, you can even book out the lounge for a private date night. Last Level is available for private functions and parties, and you can have the entire arcade to yourself.

And for all the pinball junkies, be sure to check out their Spring pinball leagues! You can channel your inner Tommy and reign supreme over the pinball legions when the league returns in April!

Find Out More About Last Level Lounge Right Here! And Be Sure To Give Them a Follow on Insta @lastlevellounge

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