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Finding the Perfect Gift

finding the perfect gift
Finding the perfect gift is like finding a needle in a haystack. With thousands of options between the thousands of...
finding the perfect gift

Finding the perfect gift is like finding a needle in a haystack.  With thousands of options between the thousands of stores or online shops, finding that one unique item that was just right is a small victory on its own.  This gift shows that you care about them; you know what they’re interested in and what matters to them, which is kind of important in any kind of caring relationship.  Your gift is just a physical reflection of that.

Just imagine finding one shop, easily accessible that carries an incredible assortment of high end artisanal choices.  There are likely as many choices as there are personalities on your ‘list’.  Even more intriguing is learning the back stories behind the choices you’ve made.

See What We've Uncovered

finding the perfect gift

Right here in Barrie we’ve uncovered one of the biggest promoters of ‘Made Local – Shop Local’ yet.  At The Artisan Boutique, on Dunlop East at Mulcaster, here’s what we’ve discovered.

The shop owner, Laura Davis, is one of the artisans herself, showcasing her Embody Nature Bath and Body Care lines.  The journey taken in creating this line is very personal to Laura.  Made right on site, the inspiration began when a family member received a cancer diagnoses a few years ago.

Embody Nature Bath and Body Care

finding the perfect gift

Understanding the chemical ingredient list of most mainstream products for personal care, Laura wanted to provide the same products using only the highest quality natural ingredients.  This would not only benefit the skin, but their all over well-being.  Hence, some star attractions.

Find everything from (the bestseller) Lavender ‘soap’ to bath bombs, creams, lotions, deodorants, lip balms to the newest addition of shampoo bars.  Each and every product is made only with natural ingredients and in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.  There is a wide array to choose from, all made with your favourite essential oils.

The Muskoka Pantry

finding the perfect gift

Then we found a treasure trove of consumables from The Muskoka Pantry.  The Culinary Spices and Teas created by Clare Nagy, owner, are worthy of the finest chefs and tea sommeliers. 

Once again, these delectable creations began because of a health issue.  Clare herself had been given a celiac diagnosis and needed to remove gluten from her life.  After much research and many attempts she has designed her consumables to be organic, wheat, gluten and dairy free, yet still having an exceptional taste and flavour.

The Ultimate Question

finding the perfect gift

Wanting to take so many things home with us, we finally realized just how varied these artisanal gifts were.  With that in mind we asked the ultimate question…’Laura, what do you suggest for the person who has absolutely everything’?

Baker Street Creations

finding the perfect gift

Almost with no hesitation we were led to the most gorgeous gramophone – some being made entirely of recycled skateboards.  Creator, Neill Nucifora, owner of Baker Street Creations, has an obvious obsession with both art and gramophones.  Immediately, I think, we’re thankful for that.

He has created a truly one of a kind listening experience.  Each gramophone is distinctly different and very beautiful.  What a wonderful way to recycle something that has already been so well used and loved in its former life.  The one thing that Laura did mention however, is that last year these beautiful pieces of art sold out very quickly, so if you’re considering one…

Into Finding the Perfect Gift

finding the perfect gift

Just think, all of this – and more – Uncovered right here in Barrie.

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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