Indulge Your 'Me-Time'

Indulging ‘Me-Time’ Outdoors in Barrie is more accessible here than anywhere else. Come with us as we ‘Uncover’ new journeys to refresh and energize your soul. When was the last time you indulged in your ‘me-time’?
Here’s a list of 3 outdoor trails with ‘Things to do in Barrie’ to discover.

Waterfront Heritage Trail

Indulge Your 'Me-Time'

Barrie’s waterfront trail is a great way to get out and indulge your ‘me-time’ outdoors. The trail is a historical experience around the length of Kempenfelt Bay. There are eleven interpretive stations, each with a different historical theme. Your walk there will teach you the story of Barrie’s past with a journey from the last ice age to the present.
The trail starts at the east end of Allandale Station Park on the south shore and continues around the waterfront to the end of the North Shore Trail at Penetanguishene Road. The stations are placed by theme, not chronologically, so you can choose to have several shorter walks or one long one.

The Oro- Medonte Rail Trail

Indulge Your 'Me-Time'

This 28 km trail follows an abandoned CN rail line that runs parallel to the northwest shore of Lake Simcoe. If you start in Barrie at Shanty Bay Road, you will commune with nature while passing through the communities of Shanty Bay, Oro-Medonte and Hawkestone. Keep your eyes open for hidden gems along the way. Many residents have placed painted rocks and other treasures along the trail.

The Trans Canada Trail

Indulge Your 'Me-Time'

The coolest part of living in Barrie is quickly accessing the Trans Canada Trail. This trail is the world’s longest network of recreational multi-use trails. There are approximately 20 Kilometers of this trail through Barrie, connecting in the south at Essa Township and in the north at Springwater Township. Deciding to spend your ‘me-time’ on the trail will introduce you to many of the City of Barrie parks, including Sunnidale Park, Meridian Square, Queens Park, Centennial Park, among others. This trail also offers an educational guide with interpretive signs honouring indigenous people, their history, culture and stories of various communities.

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Indulge Your 'Me-Time'

Each of the areas listed in Barrie’s Waterfront Trails – Indulge Your ‘Me-Time ‘Outdoors is perfect for the outdoor serenity we all need. However, if the cooler seasons are not your thing, another option is to head down to BLiSS Ann Green Yoga Studio for one of the most serene atmospheres in Barrie. BLiSS offers a multitude of possibilities for distressing and finding some inner peace. It’s all about indulging your ‘me-time’.

Whether you are looking to indulge your ‘Me-Time’ or find a great place to meditate, click here for more options.

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Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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