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Picnic Picks In Barrie

Picnic Picks In Barrie
Planning an outdoor eating experience is more than just throwing a bunch of food in the...

Picnic Picks In Barrie

Plan Your Ultimate Outdoor Eating Experience

Summer is the perfect time to find a Sunday picnic spot around town. Luckily, Barrie is packed with outdoor dining spots! Join us as we put together the Ultimate Picnic Experience in Barrie. Packed with the perfect locations, food choices and more.


Sunnidale Park

Right in the heart of Barrie, Sunnidale Park and Arboretum is 48.6-acre of outdoor paradise to accommodate your meal. Moreover, there is plenty to do before and after, especially for the little ones. The Every Kids a Hero Inclusive Adventure playground was built in partnership with the Barrie professional Firefighters Association and includes a zip line.

In addition, you can end off the day with a leisurely stroll through woodland to explore the greenery and wildlife (and to walk off those big helpings of potato salad)

Lampan Park

Still a bit of a hidden gem in north-west Barrie near the Sandy Hollow Buffer, Lampman Park boasts plenty of shady spots for your picnic needs. In like manner, the remodeled playground and Splash pad were completed in 2017, with a skate park, tennis and basketball courts and open fields for recreation. Perfect for a full afternoon of outdoorsy fun.

Tynedale Park

Smaller than the “big” guys like Heritage Park and Centennial, Tynedale sits at the mouth of the southern shores of Kempenfelt Bay. Further, being on the slighter size makes it a cozier confine for a picnic. At the same time, the kids can run out their sugar rush on the playground, then end off the day soaking up sun and napping along Tollendale Beach.


Now that you have your locale selected, it’s time to pick up the nosh. You can hit up any number of the local delis for your hot dogs, burgers and other grill essentials. However, one of the best is Burnett’s Butcher Shop. They provide a menu’s worth of dishes for your outdoor soiree, as well as sweets for after.

Vegan guests attending? No problem! Check out our blog on vegan and vegetarian options in Barrie to stock up on alt food offerings.


Although bevys of the alcoholic variety aren’t permitted on public grounds, you can finish off the day at home on the patio with a can or two from the fab local breweries. And the likes of Flying Monkey’s and Barnstomer’s always provide an array of awesome ales.

Moreover, if you can transport your drinks in a cooler, consider grabbing a smoothie or shake from Ripe Juicery or Swirleez downtown.


It’s not much of a afternoon without a soundtrack! We’ve got you covered with a lineup of local artists on the Barrie Set List, easily accessible from Spotify.

At the same time, if you’re more of a spoken word junkie, check out a podcast from the pool of talented local creators producing prime audio entertainment.

What did you think of our trio of Picnic Picks in Barrie? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to connect with us if you have an event or business in Barrie that could benefit from getting Uncovered!

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