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The Barrie Zodiac Checklist

The Barrie Zodiac Checklist

The Barrie Zodiac Checklist

Hey you!  Yes, YOU!

There is something you need to know about Barrie and Astrology.  Come closer and ssshhhhhh!  Barrie is full of great things to do, based on your astrological sign and we bet you never thought of that before.  (Well, we aren’t really going to bet….*wink) But, we are GLAD that your love of horoscopes and all things Barrie has brought you here.  We really had fun planning out your astrological tour of Barrie and may even do it again next month!  (What say you?)  Take a read:

The Barrie Zodiac Checklist

Aries:  Why are you so impatient? You would benefit from pre-planning.

Okay, you need a plan Barrie Aries!  Are you thinking what we’re thinking?  The Ultimate Barrie Pub Crawl?  (maybe Ultimate is a bit much – but we’ve pre-planned for you!)   You are a fire sign and sometimes your passion and exuberance is a bit much.

Virgo: Why are you annoyed by everything?

We know we’ve told you about this place a few times, but it’s perfect for a Barrie Virgo to just chillax! You need an hour at Float Tank Barrie to totally decompress. Flotation-REST is exactly what you need as an earth sign, to find your peace and calm.

Gemini: Why do you want to kill everybody?

Oh you Barrie Gemini!  You have probably gotten yourself so busy that you need a twin to get things done!  We’ve got a great place for you to check out! Our House situated in Downtown Barrie, is full of unique and one of a kind Home Accessories that are bound to help you save time and sanity!  We know you’ll definitely find something there that you can’t live without!  (Don’t purchase sharp objects!)

Cancer: Why do you always think you are right?

You are highly intuitive and you can pick up the energy of a room but you know what you need?  A WEEKEND ADVENTURE! Lucky for you, Danielle blogged about all her fun and good times – maybe you could try doing the same?

Give us your opinion on what you liked about her adventure – Don’t worry, we will agree with whatever you say….:-) Barrie Cancers can handle both emotional and material realms, so this adventure should be on your list of things to do!

Libra:  Why do you always want to argue?

Barrie Libra, you are so ready to take on life, but don’t forget that your scales represent balance and harmony.  We’ve got just the place for you to find your inner self – YOGA!  Check out our article on Anahata Yoga right HERE.  Don’t you think it’s time to stretch those muscles and get into the zone?

Capricorn: Why do you hurt peoples’ feelings and cut people off for giving their opinion?

Oh Barrie Capricorn!  You aren’t always like that.  You don’t mean to be that way.  You are skilled an wading through the emotional realms, but sometimes you can be like a prickly thorn.  It’s okay, we’ve got a great idea for you – why not take a GNED class at Georgian College?  There is so much to discover at Georgian and so much diversity.  Maybe its time to learn something new and make some new acquaintances?

Taurus:  Why are you so selfish and stingy and think the world revolves around you?

You know what would be great for you? You need to take a night out and discover Cinema Smackdown! Our in house movie trashing podcast is just the antidote to your self obsession.

Who doesn’t love belly roll laughing?  Barrie Taurus, we know you’ve worked hard to get to where you are in life but believe us when we tell you that you would seriously benefit from an evening of audio based comedy. And while you are at it, read up on some of Barrie’s best comedians HERE.

Aquarius: Why do you stay loyal to people that don’t deserve it?

Right?  We had to think hard about what would be right for you.  Here’s what we are thinking, a Barrie Brewery Tour! Add a first date to the Brewery Tour and you may just find something new and exciting!  Sometimes we forget to surround ourselves with adventure and get caught up in the same ‘ole, same ‘ole.  Time to live a little!

The Barrie Zodiac Checklist

Pisces: How do you fool people into thinking they know everything about you when they only know 1%?

What they don’t know is that you are a Warrior!  Have you checked out the cave scaling, Batman- esque training at Alt Rock? Overcome your fears of heights and the Joker attacking, and check out all that Alt Rock has to offer.

Sagittarius: How do you remain so patient?

It’s a mystery…  how do you do it?  Perhaps your quest for knowledge has taught you to take things slow? We see GOLF in your future at North Swing in Barrie!  At North Swing you can golf on many of the famous courses around the world – all simulated of course. Barrie Uncovered met up with owner, Emil Kamel – read our blog article HERE.

Leo: Why do you manipulate and cheat?

Awwwww……come on, Barrie Leo!  You are our resident Lion!  We’ve found something for you to do that is Vivacious and will give you a chance to bask in the spotlight – SUNSET SPEEDWAY! Oh ya, Baby!  You can be center stage and drive OR just head over to the speedway and experience the thrill of the race.

We are excited just talking about it!  We met with Brian Todish, Owner Operator of Sunset Speedway and he is one cool dude!  Get yourself over to the track before the snow falls.  (oops we said it!)

Scorpio:  Why are you so mean?

Scorpio, scorpio, scorpio!  Ice Cream can help, it always does.  Have you been to the Ice Cream Hut? Home of the soft serve? Alright, well maybe we cheated a little with this one, it’s just outside of Barrie.  Like barely outside of Barrie.  You could probably see the Ice Cream Hut from the top of Bayfield with really good binoculars.  (that’s our story and we are sticking to it!)  Ice cream naturally just makes people friendlier.  If soft serve isn’t your thing, then check out Kawartha Dairy in Barrie.  Can you say YUM for days?  Best thing about Kawartha Dairy Barrie is that they have a DRIVE THRU!  Okay, well so does Ice Cream Hut BUT – you can buy a bag of milk at Kawartha drive thru.  Like, who does that?

There you go!  There’s your total Astrological Tour of Barrie specially designed for YOU!

What did you think of The Barrie Zodiac Checklist? Let us know in the comments!

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