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What To Do In Your Early 20’s In Barrie

Been there… drank that….. ahhh to be 22, or in your 20’s at all for that matter. So many things to do and such a short weekend to try to squeeze them in. Believe it or not, our little town of Barrie has tons of fun things to uncover for 20 year olds! We sent Danielle to check out a couple of these fun things and she approves! Here’s what she had to say:

Friday night:

We decided to wine and dine at a Town and Country Steakhouse located on Dunlop street Barrie. After a delicious meal, we hit up Sunset Drive In!

Only twelve dollars for two movies and the comfort of your own vehicle is always good. We made a bed in the back of the SUV so it was more than a comfortable experience. Plus the popcorn there is the bomb!


After sleeping until noon, we were absolutely starving. Brunch at Midway Diner it was! Owner Matthew was more than excellent in his service and the food was more than on point. I could’ve ate those chocolate chip pancakes all day I swear! Not to mention the raspberry cheesecake we followed brunch with. Ugh, I hate to type about it now because I just keep wanting more every time I think about it. Time to burn off some of that huge brunch tho. How? By walking at Barrie’s Waterfront, of course. We walked on the rainbow crosswalk which is looking super cool and saw sick boats! We even uncovered some talent down there, artist Mathew Magneson.

Saturday Night:

Time to transform from that day time Saturday look to that night life look.

We checked out O’Hara’s pub located on Leacock drive for some dinner and to support John Anderson who happens to be a part of Simcoe Rising Star with us.

After that, it was time to hit up downtown Barrie! British Arms was the first stop, then Donaleighs and even the Alley. We then went to McReillys and the Queens and then back to McReillys but who’s really keeping track? Needless to say, I drank tons and had a blast if I’m doing the honesty thing!


Well another day of sleeping until 12… followed by watching family guy episodes for the first hour of being awake. Ugh, the need for hangover food was real. McDonald’s it was and then a couple hours later we needed to refuel on some ice coffee. We have all been there okay?!

But in all seriousness, the adventures of our 22 year old selves are never really over, so….. TATTOO time! Yup that’s right, Hellfire tattoo was able to squeeze us in. We’ve checked them out before so be sure to click here to read up on these awesome guys!

And….. that’s a wrap! Weekend over! If you’re still reading this, you’ve probably gotten some inspiration on what to do this weekend with your crew, significant other, family, or maybe even just alone. The beauty of Barrie is that everything varies so much! From Steakhouses to Tattoos, and Drive In’s to clubs, there is something for everyone. We are curious to know, what other cool places you would like us to uncover?


Written by Danielle Quesnel | Images by Danielle Quesnel

Like what you’ve read?  If you’d like me to hit up your establishment on my next weekend adventure – shoot me an email!


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