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Having to stay indoors indefinitely lately I started to become very tired of looking at the same old walls.  Dreaming of summer and sunsets I felt this incredible urge to decorate!

Slumping back in my chair I felt deflated.  It’s not possible to browse in stores for wall paper or paint chips right now, and I find on-line shopping for supplies like this unsatisfying!

After lots of thought I called Mark Legere at Wraptastic4 to ask advice.  Explaining to Mark that I’d like to redecorate my exercise space, he gave me an amazing idea.

Find a picture or design that you really feel good about – add motivational quotes if you like and have it made into a “wall wrap”.

Mark explained that he has created wraps for many different applications – not just vehicles.  In fact, he explained that wall wraps and stickers make stylish décor very easy.  They are removable, reusable and can be repositioned.

Even if you’re a student in a dorm or apartment you can put them up and take them with you when you leave.  You’ll never even leave sticky residue!

My mind was swirling!  This application could be used anywhere.  I could use it in my workout space, my office – even the nursery!  How cool is that?

Mark went on to explain that many businesses use it on their doors and windows creating instant and inviting appeal!  Other businesses create focus walls behind reception or in conference rooms.  He went on to tell me about a business client that had all of their elevator doors wrapped!  What a unique idea – easy to clean and won’t show fingerprints! 

The idea is so vast!  Buildings are having their exteriors wrapped, team equipment like canoes, kayaks, paddles are being wrapped, I’ve even seen ceiling fans now with their blades wrapped.

Yes you can change the color of your vehicle, yes; you can create mobile advertising, but My Goodness!  You can do so much more…  Take your ideas to Mark at Wraptastic4 164 Innisfil Street Unit 309, right here in Barrie.

The possibilities are endless!

Written by: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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