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3 Holiday Office Party Ideas

3 Holiday Office Party Ideas

3 Holiday Office Party Ideas

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Office party planning is an art form. If done properly, employee satisfaction, retention and several other workplace factors will improve. At some companies, employees wait all year long for a signature work party event.

And make no mistake, an effective work social bash is important; it provides an opportunity for employees and staff to connect on a personal level while participating in fun work party activities.

If you are in need of an idea (or three) for your office holiday party, we have you covered! Scroll on for a trio of suggestions to make your end of year gala a memorable one.

3 Holiday Office Party Ideas

Charity Office Party

Giving back or contributing to a cause is a terrific theme for a holiday party. In fact, social causes are becoming more popular across all generations, so mixing them into your Xmas festivities is a natural fit.

Why this is fun: A Charity Office Party is not only engaging, it can be a culture builder. Even the smallest organizatio can help to make the world a better place, and that is something your team will be proud to be a part of.

Consider a toy or food drive, a school supply scramble or a Build a Bike A Thon.

Office Game Show!

You can really liven up the holiday party with an Office Game Show. These are ideal for team building, and they can be customized to fit the theme of your party. And with so many game variations to try with this format, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Why this is fun: Office game shows are perfect for building camaraderie. They combine the excitement of a game show with the teamwork of the office. And using classic game shows will bring a touch of nostalgia to the whole event.

You can find online versions of Family Feud, Jeopardy and The Price Is Right.

Solve a Murder Mystery

It’s a foregone conclusion that at least a few people attending your party are hard core binge-watchers of cold case shows or Netflix serial killer docs. There is something irresistible about trying to solve a crime, and that intrigue can be folded into your celebrations.

Why this is fun: A Murder Mystery Office Party is a fabulous way to bring a spooky, strange, and fascinatingly macabre side to your festive throwdown.

And there are plenty of online resources to hit up should you want to add a dash of whodunnit this holiday.

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