LeBoeuf Jewellers

Barrie Uncovered interviews the ‘Sultan of Sparkle’ with Adam LeBoeuf and his wife Rhonda at LeBoeuf Jewellers, Dunlop Street Barrie.

LeBoeuf Jewellers

LeBoeuf Jewellers is easily the longest permanently established business on the street, having been there now for 64 years. Having the same address and even the same phone number is remarkable.
“We’ve changed as the years have gone on,” Le Boeuf says. “We used to do a lot of giftware, and we’ve had things as diverse as luggage, men’s shavers, radios and other electronic items, purses, clocks and even grandfather clocks. But now we obviously focus on higher-end jewellery and estate jewellery, too.”

The transition to being one of our area’s finest jewellers came about through the careful consideration of what customers wanted. As LeBoeuf says, ‘When in Rome…’

Everything from Rare to Vintage

Both Adam and Rhonda love the fun of Vintage Estate Jewellery that comes to them and the stories attached. Rhonda tells us, ‘You never know what you’re going to see. Right now, we have a necklace with Alexandrite in it, a very rare piece. Right now, that’s one of our most unusual attractions.’
‘We often work with estates that have signed Tiffany or Cartier pieces,’ LeBoeuf mentioned. ‘However, we have even been given recycled dental gold to repurpose into fine jewellery.’

And the Watches....

Known as the leading source for Barrie’s finest selection of watches, Barrie Uncovered even had Adam provide an Omega Planet Ocean Chronograph 45.5MM watch. This watch is the first significant redesign of the Seamaster line since the immensely popular James Bond series debuted in 1993 for one of our artistic collaborations. For that same photoshoot, LeBoeuf provided a 1960’s Marvel Diamond Cocktail Watch and 1920s Art Deco Platinum Brooch that had been redesigned as a necklace. What more could a ‘Bond Girl’ want?

LeBoeufs Jewellers is the Place

Whether you want to spend $15 or into the thousands for that one of a kind gift, this is the shop to visit. With over three generations of expertise and an unequalled team, it’s not uncommon for the offerings to be unique and rare. LeBoeuf Jewellery has been in business for so many years that they have established relations with diamond dealers worldwide, allowing them to boast the largest selection of diamonds in the area. The team happily serves the children and grandchildren of customers that have trusted them for decades.

“Service has always been the cornerstone of our business; it sets us apart from just another jewellery store.”

Take the Walk Down Dunlop

LeBoeuf Jewellers
Adam & Bill Le Boeuf

As walking weather approaches and you’re drawn to the excitement of downtown, don’t forget the west end of Dunlop Street and LeBoeuf Jewellers at number 52. Walk in and meet the team at Barrie’s longest-running business, LeBoeuf Jewellers.

For a pic of the watch that LeBoeuf Jewellers provided for our collaboration, click here.

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott/LeBoeufs Jewellery

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to stroll down Dunlop.  Have you checked out the pieces at Leboeuf Jewellers yet? What are your favs? Let us know in the comments.

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