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“A New Year a New You”

A New Year a New You
What Does “A New Year a New You” Mean to You? . Here we sit at the top of a new year; A fresh slate prime for...
A New Year a New You

What Does “A New Year, New You” Mean to You? 

Happy New Year friends.  Here we sit at the top of a new year; A fresh slate prime for dreams and ambitions to be etched into its stone. It’s time for another new beginning.

In the midst of the excitement and zeal for the months ahead, a stark reality exists—a change from one year to the next doesn’t mean we’ve changed. But you knew that.

So What Does it Mean?

A New Year a New You

Some believe it means that you’re going to strive for a top-to-bottom overhaul on your entire life — new clothes, new hairstyle, new friends, and so on.

Others believe it means starting a journey for self-improvement or just trying to be a better version of themselves. Maybe this means a change of attitude, working to be happier, or striving to have a better outlook on life through an improved mindset.

Lastly, some believe that it means improving on aspects of your life that you’re not happy with, which could be things you don’t like about yourself such as being overweight, having an unhealthy vice, or practicing bad habits.

Which type sounds like you?

A New Year a New You

We know many people that fall into the third group.  They set resolutions around things they want to change about such as drinking alcohol, not reading books, drinking too much soda, and on and on. They aim their resolutions at “fixing” these aspects of life.  The problem with that is they’re tackling way too many lifestyle changes at the same time which can cause to failure and once they fail; they won’t try again until the very next year.

Does that sound familiar?

A New Year a New You

If it does, don’t sweat it. No matter which group you resonate with, chances are you’ve dealt with the disappointment of a failed resolution, but no one has to keep doing it that way.

There’s no reason to keep putting off dreams and goals

A New Year a New You

 Making the decision to save up your goals for January 1st means one of two things, if not both:

1) If you’re postponing a goal for New Years, maybe you don’t honestly want to achieve that goal … or

2) By waiting for New Years, you’re wasting valuable days that you could be using to work toward goals and improving your life every day.

It seems to be better starting to set daily, weekly, quarterly, and annual goals and vow never to set another resolution.

So, Why This Post about “A New Year, New You”?

A New Year a New You

Resolutions tend to be a huge goal that we have trouble breaking down into manageable pieces

We do hope to encourage you to live the mantra every day by committing to a life of continuous improvement.

In order to truly build a “New You” this coming year, you need to redefine what the mantra means entirely.

Redefining the Mantra

A New Year a New You

Declaring this mantra each and every year, only to lose track of your goals, become discouraged, and throw in the towel is no way to live.

 You can commit to a life of self-improvement at any time.

Why not start right now?

Don’t Set Resolutions: Set Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Goals

A New Year a New You

First up is setting goals, not resolutions. What’s the difference? A resolution is “a firm decision to do or not to do something.”

Because a Resolution is a firm decision, when you have a bad day and break your resolution, it seems like an instant, clear-cut failure.  It’s not true, but it certainly feels that way.

A goal, on the other hand, is something to work toward and strive for. If you miss your goal, you can always extend the deadline, or know that you’re better off than you were before.  Isn’t that better than an all-or-nothing approach?

Looking ahead, what gets you pumped up? What gets you excited? Once you figure that out, set a series of goals to get you there and use that excitement as your driving force.  What better way to begin making the changes you’ve thought about for so long.

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A New Year a New You

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Design Credit: Veronika Kovecses

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