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Are You a Mane Addict? – Part 2

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Are you a 'mane addict'? Human's age-old obsession with beauty has seen the invention and refinement of make-up...
Are You a Mane Addict?

Human’s age-old obsession with beauty has seen the invention and refinement of make-up through to fashion. Why should hair be any different? Are you a ‘mane addict’?
Hair is a traditional symbol of health and beauty in countless cultures. One of the human’s earliest beauty accessories, luscious locks, has always been desirable. And what goes hand-in-hand with great hair; a salon that cares about you and your needs.

We’ve asked a local expert to tell us what’s new and exciting in the world of colouring and styles.

We've Uncovered Kiersten Commerford

Are You a Mane Addict?

Kiersten is the Service Leader for Chatters Hair Salon here in Barrie. She is known as an excellent stylist who loves colouring and as an outstanding team leader, guiding new stylists to be the best they can be.
Originally a Barrie girl, when Kiersten was in University at Concordia, she found she wasn’t engaged with what she was learning. After a bit of soul searching, she realized she just wanted to do hair. Graduating, she spent three years working there before returning to Barrie.

The Stars Aligned

Are You a Mane Addict?

The ‘stars aligned’ for Kiersten – 11 years ago – this St. Patrick’s Day, when she was hired at the salon that she always wanted to work at…Chatters, here in Barrie. Her love for Chatters is great. There is such a good feeling going into work each day, the team dynamics are strong, and the salon leadership, not only with Bryan (the salon owner) but Chatters corporate, is solid. There is always learning, education is welcomed, and the human connection is excellent. Kiersten gives much kudos to both.

Meeting Expectations

Are You a Mane Addict?
Are You a Mane Addict?

Kiersten is so content being a stylist, telling us that she ‘loves not just the hair – but the human contact.’ Kiersten tells us that she loves colouring more in the natural tones, not so much in the newest fashion colours. She explains that some styles and colours take time and speak with a lot of honesty when conversing with her clients. ‘It’s important that the goals and expectations with each client are set and met.’

So Are You A Mane Addict?

Coming back after shutdowns led to unpredictable results with some clients due to purchased box colours and ‘underground’ haircuts. Knowing that her clients are looking for their dollars to go further, she works diligently to give cuts and colours that don’t require constant upkeep. Even with more mature greys coming into the salon, she has found ways to brighten your look with highlights and lowlights being used.

A True Team Leader

Are You a Mane Addict?

Kiersten enjoys everyone’s success as a salon leader, particularly watching apprentices grow and succeed with each new client. Kiersten also loves all the products that Chatters carries. ‘There is absolutely something for everyone’, she says.

To check out more of Kiersten’s before and after shots head over to her Instagram at kierstenchathair.

Are You a Mane Addict?

Are You a Mane Addict?
Are You a Mane Addict?

When asked what Kiersten sees trending, she answers: ‘Very much a lived-in, multi-dimensional look is what clients are looking for. Gone are the days of a million foils, but now seeing that people want lower maintenance for high style hair.’
‘Clients are looking for more layers, more movement, or riskier shorter cuts, not like the Pixie Cut of yesteryear. Kiersten tells us that bringing your hair back to health by setting proper expectations with honesty is a huge goal of the salon. She likes everyone to underpromise and over-deliver. 

On That Note

Are You a Mane Addict? - Chatters Hair Salon

On that note, Kiersten recommends booking in advance, even by 2-3 weeks. She tells us, ‘I myself, or any of our team, are excited to do your hair’. ‘We want you to have an amazing human experience with any member of the Chatter’s team, leaving feeling beautiful’.

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Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Veronika Kovecses

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