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It’s a Gut Reaction

It’s a Gut Reaction
Being a parent is hard with challenges. Parents refer to a feeling that it’s a gut reaction when trying to console their...
It’s a Gut Reaction

Being a parent of an infant is hard.  Each baby is different and comes with their own set of challenges.  Parents refer to a feeling that it’s a gut reaction when trying to console their little ones issues.

It Really is a Gut Reaction

It’s a Gut Reaction

Actually, it’s often a gut reaction causing the most common issues with unsettled babies.  Mostly the discussions revolve around colic, constipation, wind and reflux.  How many times have you been up throughout the night trying to console a wee one that seems to be in pain?

Finding Help is Possible

It’s a Gut Reaction

An Osteopathic Manual Practitioner can actually help with all of the issues mentioned.  During an assessment they can provide you with very helpful information about your little one.

Not to Worry

It’s a Gut Reaction

Mom, don’t worry.  The manipulations that an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner uses on infants is very gently and delicate.  Very often, Mom and Dad are surprised to see their little one totally relax and even will fall asleep during a session.

Adults Suffer Too

It’s a Gut Reaction

When an adult digestive system isn’t working properly the same issues result.  Again there can be acid reflux, constipation, bloating, indigestion and gas.  Your Osteopathic Manual Practitioner works carefully with your body to restart proper movement to support your whole digestive process.  This results in much better digestion and bowel movements.

Each organ in your body needs to have the ability to move in response to the body in movement (walking, breathing, etc.) and memory of the spiraling movements that occur in the womb (called motility).  Every organ has its own specific movement patterns. 

Problems Occur When…

It’s a Gut Reaction

The restrictions often happen during accidents, infections, surgeries, inflammatory condition and even pregnancy.

Using palpitations’ the Osteopathic Manual Practitioner is able to feel organs that are restricted.  Once they know where issues lay they are able to use gentle manipulations to restore movement and motility.  This can sometime be felt almost immediately with relief being the gut reaction.


It’s a Gut Reaction

Understanding that our organs can’t work correctly when crowded or not able to move properly makes it easier for us to see how much osteopathic treatment can help.

Gut reactions can also occur if a back injury has interrupted or altered nerve signals to your organs.  This, as well as Vagus Nerve restrictions should be discussed with your practitioner during an assessment.

It’s a Gut Reaction…at Any Age

It’s a Gut Reaction

It’s very important to realize that digestive disorders can occur at any age.  Whether adult, infant or in-between; problems that stem from the stomach can surely cause major disruptions in your daily life.

Food Sensitivities

It’s a Gut Reaction

Don’t be surprised if your practitioner discusses food sensitivities and diet as well.  As holistic wellness practitioners it’s their desire to care for your whole health.  They will usually combine manual therapy with the appropriate nutrition planning.  This seems to work the best for most patients.

If you or your little ones are having a gut reaction, it’s time to consider Osteopathic Treatment.

For more information on how an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner may give you comfort – follow this link.

It’s a Gut Reaction

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Veronika Kovecses

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