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We can’t nip out to the gym

We can’t nip out to the gym
We’re all experiencing a different time in our lives, with many having to stay at home during these shutdowns. We...
We can’t nip out to the gym

We’re all experiencing a  different time in our lives, with many of us having to stay at home during these shutdowns. We can’t nip out to the gym for our usual exercise, and working from home means we’re sitting more than we’re used to.

This leaves many of us looking for ways to stay in shape.

Desk Time

We can’t nip out to the gym

Whether it’s an occasional twinge or an ongoing ache, back or neck pain can keep you from living your best life. Sitting chained to your desk for hours can cause serious issues putting strains on the ligaments and muscles in your back. This often causes alignment issues in your spine, so it’s essential to take those breaks to change things up.

A Few Ideas

We can’t nip out to the gym

We’re no fitness instructors but, we’ve asked an expert Osteopathic Practitioner some ways to keep you in shape during these weird times. 

Take it Outside

We can’t nip out to the gym

There’s a good chance you’ll be looking for any excuse to get some fresh air. Going for a walk, run, or hike could help you kill two birds with one stone. Doing so allows you to be active outside without necessarily coming into close contact with other people. It’s a safe way to get your cardio in during this pandemic.

BONUS TIP: Find some stairs and run the stairs, You know, like Rocky did that one time.

“Generally, the higher the intensity, the more your body is going to heat up,”  “You’re going to want to dress almost as if it’s about five degrees cooler than what it is.”

Watch Your Step

We can’t nip out to the gym

“If it is snowy, you may want to shorten your stride a little bit, make it turn over a little bit faster just so that when you’re going, your body weight is over top of your foot, rather than landing on an extended leg that you have the possibility of slipping and sliding,”

Falls can be serious. Falling can cause bruises, sprains, or more severe injuries like broken bones or concussions.

No matter how well the snow is removed from parking lots or sidewalks, there will still be slippery places, making it more difficult for exercise.

What you wear on your feet can help lower your risk of falling. Boots or shoes that fit well and have a good grip are the best choices. Special items like shoe grips or ice cleats are tremendous and can give you extra traction when you’re walking on snowy or icy surfaces. Just remember to take these grips or cleats off when walking inside because they can make you slip on indoor flooring.

Whatever You Do

We can’t nip out to the gym

Whatever you do, stay active. The WHO recommends that all healthy adults do 30 minutes of physical activity a day. Doing so will help maintain heart health, muscle strength, and flexibility. At the same time, children should be physically active for one hour. Even in lockdown, there are plenty of ways of achieving this, and with technology, remote friends and family can join in, too.

Still in Pain - Here's Help

We can’t nip out to the gym

Remember, that if there are aches and pains that you can’t account for, consider booking time with Osteopathic Practitioner, Nancy Spence of Action Rehab.  For the many ways that she can help, click here.

It’s a Gut Reaction

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Veronika Kovecses

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