Caring for Winter Hair

caring for winter hair
Temperatures are getting worse over the next months. We're bringing you some tips on properly preparing...
caring for winter hair

Most of us are currently in the midst of dealing with falling temperatures that will only get worse over the next few months. If that’s the case for you, we want to bring you some tips on properly preparing and caring for winter hair.

What Happens to Hair in the Winter?

caring for winter hair

Have you noticed that your hair feels and looks different depending on the temperature? If so, that’s not your imagination. Studies show that your scalp produces more of its natural oils during warmer summer months, causing your hair to feel smoother and softer while looking shinier.
However, when it gets cold outside, the scalps oil-producing abilities slow down, causing your hair to become dry, even brittle. Therefore during the winter months, your hair can be very prone to breakage.

How to Care For Your Hair in Winter
Always Wear A Hat

caring for winter hair

Everyone, hats are more than just a fashion statement. Not only do they protect you against the harmful UV rays, but they also heat your scalp, drawing out the natural oils that are so important to your tresses.


caring for winter hair

Keeping hair moisturized adequately in the cold weather is super important. If you’re not already using a conditioner, the time to start is now. Each moisturizing product is formulated to bring intense moisture to your hair and leave nothing behind but shine.

caring for winter hair

Washing Your Hair

caring for winter hair

How often should you wash your hair in the winter? Contrary to popular belief, as long as the hair care products you use don’t have sulfates, parabens or other not so lovely artificial ingredients listed, you’re okay with a daily wash.
Using a leave-in conditioner will also improve your hair strength. This highly acclaimed product in particular (featured on Elle Canada) not only repairs damaged hair but also provides heat protection up to 150 degrees. The formulation is designed to tame frizz, add shine and defend your hair on all fronts.

caring for winter hair

Protect Your Hair From the Cold

caring for winter hair

Unfortunately, breakage can happen. There are just so many triggering factors. Once again, protect your hair by wearing a hat and using quality shampoo and conditioner. Then, consider a balm or serum for mending frayed or brittle ends. Recommended to us are products that repair split ends very well. Either of these products should be added to your winter hair care arsenal.

caring for winter hair

Hairstyling in the Winter made Easy

caring for winter hair

Finally, choose simple hairstyles during cold weather months. Summer styles such as braids, twists and knots may inflict extra pressure on both your hair and scalp. Try to avoid these styles to minimize breakage further.
While a good hair care regime is still crucial year-round, it is more important during cold weather. Consider adding a Detangler to the whole families hair care. Even the youngest and healthiest hair desires a boost and some attention.
These excellent winter hair products will keep your locks luscious and shiny. Enjoy your wintertime activities in style.

caring for winter hair

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Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Veronika Kovecses

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