Awesomeness Abounds @Wraptastic4

Awesomeness Abounds Wraptastic4
Are you a dreamer? Dreamers-Awaken! Make an appointment at Wraptastic4 to experience the most cutting edge...
Awesomeness Abounds Wraptastic4

Are you a dreamer?  Sitting there and dreaming about what car you’d like, how you’d design the paint job…art on it?

Dreamers - Awaken!!

Awesomeness Abounds Wraptastic4

Dreamers – Awaken!  Make an appointment at Wraptastic4 to experience the most cutting edge, interactive fun and collaborative approach to designing the look of your favorite auto or even fleet of vehicles!

Everywhere people look now; there are interactive ways to enjoy things.  We have interactive television, interactive live streaming and of course interactive gaming.

An Exciting New Program!

Awesomeness Abounds Wraptastic4

Now we are able to totally design our own wraps for vehicles!  Using an exciting new program available at Wraptastic4, you can take part in this incredible innovation!  You have the ability to customize every panel, and upload your own designs and/or logo –true to size.

Imagine being able to see exactly what the finished wrap will look like with hyper-realism.

“Imagination to final approval in just one setting!”

It's so Simple!!!

Awesomeness Abounds Wraptastic4

With Covid concerns abounding, Mark has set the shop up with all the safety precautions in place.  The entire process is so simple, that the hardest thing to do is make time in your busy schedule to book an appointment.

Once you’re booked in, going through the process is fun and exciting!

Pimp Your Ride!!

Awesomeness Abounds Wraptastic4

Really the steps are this simple:

Choose your vehicle within the program

There are realistic hue and finish representations throughout each step

There are endless customization options, and you can create custom colors as desired.

You are able to see your logos placed, adding all social media, contact info …even pictures to your finished wrap.

Once you’ve been walked through all the steps….let your imagination flow.

Then the program will show you every detail you’ve chosen in place on your particular vehicle, all in different lighting and environments!

Even More Excitment!

Awesomeness Abounds Wraptastic4

Perhaps one of the most exciting things to remember is that wraps are such a great way to not only advertise, but to protect your vehicle from sun damage or stone chips.

Wraps are a very affordable way of getting noticed.  Imagine have a mobile billboard at your ready?

Wrapping vehicles for customized fun or advertising has become an industry standard almost.  It’s much easier to design a wrap and have a pro put it on than it is to pray that a paint artist can take your idea and run with it.

There’s quite a difference in down time as well.  Depending on how long it takes you to decide how you want your vehicle wrapped, and the intricacies involved, wrapping generally takes 3-5 days whereas painting artwork onto a vehicle could be upwards of 10-14 days – curing time included.

Enjoy the Drive!

Awesomeness Abounds Wraptastic4

Just think…summer is coming, driving is so much more relaxed and everyone can see your cool customized car!

It couldn’t get much better than that!!

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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