Check These Really Cool Wraps

Really Cool Wraps
Automobile enthusiasts have come up with some really cool wraps. There are so many creative options that have...
Really Cool Wraps

Automobile enthusiasts have come up with some really cool wraps.  There are so many creative options that have been designed since the invention of the wrap itself.

Inspiration Abounds

Really Cool Wraps

While wraps used to be used for branding and advertisement purposes, the uses have become incredibly unique with time.  Inspiration abounds…we’ve seen wall wraps, utility box wraps, skateboard wraps and even exterior building wraps.

Creative wraps are becoming so sophisticated that it can actually be difficult to tell the difference between a paint job and a wrapped car.

Check Out these Really Cool Wraps

Really Cool Wraps

 We’ve seen some really great ideas around town so we decided to check out a few sites online.  In this screen capture there are a couple of totally cool and creative wraps.

Google wrapped cement trucks.  These trucks have been spotted driving around Vancouver.  I’m not quite sure what asparagus has to do with cement, but you’ll never forget the truck once you’ve seen it.  The asparagus looks so real as the 3D image is wrapped around the truck in just the right places.

The next coolest wrap is the “Snake” bus.  This phenomenal wrap is on the Copenhagen Zoo Bus.  It seems as though the constrictor snake is squeezing the life out of the bus and passengers.  This really cool wrap was designed by Y&R in Denmark specifically for the zoo, in 2009.  It’s still one of the most talked about wraps in the world.

Let Your Imagination Soar

Really Cool Wraps

Saying that – let your imagination soar.  Have you seen the cars that are wrapped as lunch boxes, dairy cows…even toys? Some have taken works of art to wrap their vehicles.  The only hesitation one might have is, what design to use.

One interesting way automakers use wraps is to place a very busy design or abstract art work on the newest high end luxury models while testing them.  The wrap is designed to confuse the eye and break up the lines and curves of the body of the car so that it can be tested in public before the official release without giving too much away.  Neat eh?

The Wraptastic4

Really Cool Wraps

We’ve been invited a few times now to The Wraptastic4 wrap studio here in Barrie to see what really cool wraps they’ve been asked to do.  One of our local businesses had Mark of The Wraptastic4 design an exterior building wrap for them.  Mark and his team have done interior wraps, utility box wraps as well as wall art.

Check our their Program

Really Cool Wraps

However, The Wraptastic4 loves really cool wraps for vehicles most of all.  With their computer software program they can walk through the entire process with you.  You can take your really cool wrap ideas and upload them into the program to see exactly how they’ll look on your own vehicle.  Check out the article on their program here.

More Really Cool Wrap Ideas

Really Cool Wraps

The Wraptastic4 team has done cars and truck of course, but they’ve also done the luxury toys as well.  Imagine the really cool wraps that could be done on boats, sleds or maybe even those great big pieces of farm equipment, the ideas are endless.

If you’ve got a skateboarder or skier in the family think about gifting them a new board or pair of skis with a really cool and personal wrap.  Maybe your office needs to be taken from dull and dreary to a wall wrap of your favorite vacation destination.  This might really improve productivity.

Whatever your thoughts, the place to check it out is at The Wraptastic4 right here in Barrie.  Like we mentioned, the only thing you need to do, is let your imagination soar.

Really Cool Wraps

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credits: Wraptastic 4

What did you think of Really Cool Wraps?  Let us know in the comments, or let us know if you’ve been to Wraptastic4.  We’d love to hear from you.

And if you’re a business in Barrie looking to expand your digital footprint with unique, locally driven content like this, reach out today!  We will get you Uncovered!

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