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Introducing Sharon Palmer @Barrie Food Bank

Introducing Sharon Palmer @Barrie Food Bank. Sharon Palmer, Executive Director...

Let’s meet the new Executive Director @ Barrie Food Bank – Sharon Palmer.

Sharon took time out today to meet with us and discuss what’s happening here in Barrie.

There are some Changes...

First and foremost Sharon let us know that due to COVID protocols there have been some changes made.

Barrie Food Bank, is asking for financial contributions rather than food itself from the general public. 

With  financial donations the Food Bank is able to purchase in bulk from local stores. 

They are also able to function with fewer volunteers and maintain social distancing in the warehouse to help ensure staff and volunteers stay safe.

She’s so thankful to the dedicated staff and volunteers that are in place and hold her concern for safety first and foremost.

The staff at the Barrie Food Bank are reaching out to collaborate with other organizations and social agencies in the city to assist as many people as possible each week. 

Sharon wants all Barrie Residents to be aware that this service is available and that they “Understand the Struggle!”

Their goal is to ensure no one in the community goes hungry!

Safety First for Everyone!

The Food Bank has set everything in place to safely deliver supplies from their shelves to clients’ cars via shopping carts, once again to ensure everyone is kept safe.

"We Understand the Struggle!"

There are many clients who have lost their jobs or had hours cut back that need help to buy groceries.  Numbers have shown more of our senior populations are coming  to the Food Bank for assistance too.   

In fact, during the months of January and February there were over 960 households requiring assistance with food.  This is up 60% over the same period in 2020.

Meeting Your Needs

The staff and volunteers work with a wide range of families, customizing the carts to the needs of each household.

The Food Bank supplies meat, dairy, dry and canned goods along with fresh produce; they include snacks for school age children and baby food and diapers for those with infants. 


The Food Bank is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1:00p.m. – 3:00p.m. each week. 

During these more difficult times there is a modified process just requiring a short interview with staff requiring photo id and proof of residence and some questions to learn what your specific needs are.

Just take your identification and proof of address with you and let them take some of that weight off your financial situation.

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