Live Your Best Life With The Mainstream Approach

Understand and accept the pieces that make you, you”

The path to healing can be a daunting one. Just accepting the fact that you might need help is an extraordinary step to take, and for many of us the journey is fraught with uncertainty, and even fear.

To have a guide who is both experienced and caring, makes that journey achievable.

Mainstream Therapy understands this, and was created to help individuals unlock the many complexities that make up our personalities. Through a unique blend of traditional psychotherapies and energy healing techniques, Angel Powers leads clients on a holistic and creative exploration of mental well being.

As one of Barrie’s therapists practicing both Reiki and psychotherapy, Angel provides an evidence-based approach that offers people in need an opportunity for meaningful and lasting change.

With a variety of options that can be suited to almost any mental health concern, the Mainstream Therapy Approach has worked for many others. It can work for you too.

Take your first step. Peace and potential await.

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Stu Lynam

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