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Are You A Gearhead? – Wraptastic4

Are you a Gearhead? Calling all gearheads readying cars for summer, check out Wraptastic...
Photo by Stephen Elliot

Calling all Gearheads!  Are you busy getting your muscle car or street machine ready for the summer cruise nights?

Pros and Cons


We decided to investigate the pros and cons of vinyl wrap with Mark Legere of TheWraptastic4 here in Barrie.

After all we’ve seen the fleet vehicles, pro-circuit cars, even buses wrapped – why not our babies?

My baby was a 69 Impala 427, baby blue.  It was sick!  When I recall the hours of body work that we did on that car… the memories!

Discussing wrap vs. paint was very illuminating.

Getting Popular!


We’ve found that wraps are becoming increasingly popular on classic cars, boats and trailers.

One thing to consider when thinking about wrapping is that you shouldn’t try to hide a poor or damaged paint job.  Imperfections will show through a wrap, especially textures, cracks or dents.

It’s reality to think of a good wrap as reversible paint protection with added art if you like.  Your paint job doesn’t need to be show quality, but it does need to be healthy.

Thinking About Cost!

Photo by Stephen Elliott

Wraps can be less expensive than paint jobs with far more options.  Most importantly a wrap gives you far better protection from stone chips and scratches.  If you’re taking your “baby” out to the meets, it sure helps keep the finish safe from all the visitors as well!

Now we can even find chrome, color shift, pearl and satin finishes!  Those are easier to do as a wrap for sure!

Wraps shouldn’t be considered a “cheap” alternative to paint though.  A well wrapped vehicle is done by a highly skilled technical artist that has the ability to turn your dream machine into a reality!

The 2 mm vinyl film conforms well to both the classics and street rod machines; protects not only from stone chips and scratches but is ultra resilient and provides even better protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

 This will keep your dream machine’s book value right up there.

Make Time For Fun!!

With no need to wax between lakeside shows and evening cruiser club meets, you’ll have more time for the fun stuff.

Remember Classic cars and boats are incredible – part high performance machines, part beautiful works of art and part living pieces of history.

If you’re lucky enough to have your very own classic “baby” – think about the extra protection you could give it!

“It’s a Wrap” – With Wraptastic4

Written by: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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