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Recognizing a Brand!

With today's new methods of doing business, recognizing a brand has become even more...

With today’s new methods of doing business and the sharp learning curve that many business owners have been facing – promotional products have become even more important in helping consumers with recognizing a brand!

Dating Back
Thousands of Years:

The practice of healthcare or medicine dates back thousands of years to the ancient herbalists.

Legend has it that they would give samples of their remedies out to people in small leather pouches marked with their insignia to bring back followers.

Bold and Subtle Advertising:

In the past 2 decades in particular, the fitness lifestyle has grown enormously.  Once a program marketed to the wealthy, our society as a whole has come to understand the importance of bettering their health.  Much of this has come to pass by advertising both bold and subtle.

Insurance companies and healthcare providers all understand the financial benefits of promoting health and fitness to their clients.

Have You Been Given:

Maybe you’ve been at a healthcare show in the past and still use some of their giveaways!  Often first aid kits or pill dispensers were used.  Now it’s likely to be a face mask or hand sanitizer.

One of the most popular product giveaways for fitness is a pedometer – as a constant reminder of taking steps towards better health.   These promo products are used for a long time.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, promotional giveaways or branded clothing make a unique and memorable way for people to recognize your business.

Anyone with a business in the wide array of services offered in health care or well being can choose from a myriad of products!

Think of These for Instance:

Health Care:

Clipboards                      Forehead thermometers

Stylus pens                 Measuring tapes                   Reusable masks                PPE Kits 

      Antibacterial Wipes                     Pens                       Lanyard clips                  Coffee Mugs   


Fitness Centers/Personal Trainers:

Jump ropes                      Exercise bands

Hydration bottles               stress balls                 Measuring tapes                 Reusable masks

Antibacterial Wipes                              Pocket Planners


Antibacterial Wipes                   Sunscreen

Lip Balms                    Moisturizers                        Emery boards                    Pens

Key rings                          Coffee Mugs                       Reusable masks                 Spa kits    

These are just a few of the most used and kept ideas for promotional giveaways.  Let’s not forget about staff clothing and day to day tools that are easy to brand with logos as well.  Everything that is branded is noticed – just remember that!

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Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Veronika Kovecses

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