Wrap Your Ride With Cutting Edge Tech

Upgrading the look of your vehicle has never been easier.

Thanks to interactive, cutting-edge tech from Wraptastic4, you can transform your ride into an eye-catching car that will get noticed!  

When you make an appointment at Wraptastic4, you’ll experience a fun and collaborative approach to designing the look of your auto.

Bring in your ideas (and your pictures) and work with the crew on their exclusive design software. Here, you’ll get a sneak peek of how the car will look with your artwork and logos printed on. 

Moreover, you have the ability to customize every panel, and upload your own designs and logos –true to size.

Essentially, you’ll go from idea to final approval in just one session.

Pimp Your Ride

The steps from planning to printing are quick and easy:

Select your vehicle within the program.

Utilize the realistic hue and finish representations at each step.

Go through the vast customization options, or create custom colors as needed.

Finally, the program will show you every detail of your wrap; logos, social media icons, and contact info. And you can view them in different lighting and environments.

Hit The Road

And just like that, you’ve got a new and edgy-looking ride to help promote your business. 

Furthermore, wraps will protect your vehicle from sun damage or stone chips. 

So you’ve got all the reason in the world to hit the road and let your ride do the talking for you! 

wraps for luxury cars

Written By: Stu Lynman

Photo Credits: Stephen Elliott

Have you considered getting your vehicle wrapped? Let us know what you think of the wrap done in this article by leaving a comment.

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