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The Art Of The Wall Wrap

The Art Of The Wall Wrap
The Art Of The Wall Wrap

Brighten Your Walls With Wrapped Art

Bringing art into your day-to-day life isn’t limited to just adding flair to your car. 

The crew at Wraptastic 4 can invigorate your homespace with full on wall wrapping.

In fact, wall wraps and stickers make upgrading your hub a snap.  These stylish decals are removable, reusable and can be repositioned.

Even if you’re in a student dorm, or renting an apartment, these snappy additions can be put up and taken down when you leave.  

When you consider how simple and effective wall wrapping is, the possibilities begin to flow.

Consider a workout space, adorned with motivational quotes. Or your office, with slick, inspirational imagery. Or a studio, awash in your creativity. 

Wraptastic 4 has helped many businesses enhance their doors and windows using this method, creating inviting vibes for staff and visitors. 

Other offices have installed focus walls behind reception or in conference rooms, and even had their elevator doors wrapped! 

And you don’t have to stop with the walls at home and work.

Increasingly, commercial buildings are making use of their exteriors with branded wrapping, while sports organizations and team equipment such as canoes, kayaks, paddles are being wrapped. 

And with the holidays fast approaching, wouldn’t a gift inspired by some of the ideas we’ve talked about here look good under the tree? 

Take your ideas to Mark at Wraptastic4, right here in Barrie, and get creating!

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