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The Art of the Wrap – Behind the Scenes at Wraptastic4

Behind the scenes
Barrie Uncovered was invited behind the scenes at Wraptastic4 to watch as a vehicle wrap was installed and take pics.
Behind the scenes

Considering changing the look of your car, but don’t want an entire paint job? If so, vehicle wrapping is a great way to refresh your car’s appearance or add some personality. Barrie Uncovered recently went behind the scenes at Wraptastic4, a local car wrap service, to watch the team install a custom wrap. While we were there, we could even get some great pictures of each process.

Behind the Scenes with Mark Legere

Behind the scenes

Mark Legere at Wraptastic4 explained that there usually are three stages to wrapping a vehicle behind the scenes: 

  • Taking accurate measurements of the vehicle, choosing colours, finishes or graphics to fit. (Wrapatastic4 has an excellent computer program to take you through this process with your artwork.)
  •  Printing and laminating the vinyl to protect it from scratches, abrasions and UV damage protect your vehicle from the same.
  • Applying the vinyl to your vehicle.

The Pros do it Best

Behind the scenes

Wrapping a vehicle is a job that professionals best do. Behind the scenes, they properly prepare the surface of your vehicle and ensure the artwork is cut to fit each panel properly. As a client at Wraptastic4, you are invited to use their software with your artwork ideas and see your finished vehicle before any work starts. We think that is pretty cool – don’t you?

Asking the Serious Questions:

Why Get a Car Wrap?

Behind the scenes

There are plenty of reasons for wanting a car wrap, like advertising, displaying a business logo, contact details and graphics. However, another excellent use for wrapping is to personalize or freshen up the appearance of anything. Often a wrap proves cheaper than repainting a vehicle, plus you can experiment with different patterns and designs for a unique look.

Types of Vehicle Wrapping?

Behind the scenes

There are several different types of vehicle wraps to choose from. However, three of the most common top-level choices are:

Advertising wraps:

used to showcase a business’ essential information and brand. These are common for vans or fleet wraps but are used on many vehicle types today.

Clear vinyl wrapping:

used to preserve and protect the original paintwork but keep the vehicle’s original colour and finish.

Colour vinyl wrapping:

An opaque film used to change a vehicle’s colour or finish.

Behind the scenes

Many people use a custom print to wrap. You can have any image printed onto your wrap and then applied to your vehicle.
You don’t have to wrap your entire vehicle. Instead, you can opt to just re-colour or modify certain areas, like door panels, trunks or roof. If you decide to add a design or pattern to your vehicle, you can do this by using machine-cut graphics applied similarly as a whole wrap.

Can Car Wraps be washed?

Behind the scenes

Car wraps can be washed, and a hand wash is the least likely to cause any damage. Drive-through car washes may damage or peel the vinyl wrap. Depending on the wrap used, you may be able to use a pressure washer, provided the pressure and temperature are low, and you use a wide-angle spray. Regular and gentle washing is one of the best ways to extend the life of your car wrap.

Behind the scenes

To find out more about vinyl wrapping, click here.

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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