There’s a Soap for That; there really is.  Artisan Natalie Harris has been very busy honing her creative processes at Urban Soap Co. since she last spoke to Barrie Uncovered. So we uncovered 5 benefits to choosing a natural soap.

There's a Soap for that: 5 Benefits Uncovered

Why should you care about the soap you choose?

As the largest organ in the human body, and the one most in contact with everything around us, what we put on our skin should be a major concern for us.

Science has shown toxins from our environment are absorbed through our skin.


Therefore, choosing a soap with the best and most natural ingredients (the way nature intended) is best for a variety of reasons.

There's a Soap for that: 5 Benefits Uncovered

5 Benefits of Using Natural Soap

1.  Real Soap vs. “Fake Soap”

Many soaps on the market are actually detergent based products, and not really soaps at all. Look out for words like “cleanser” “beauty bar” “deodorizing” to name a few.

2.  Natural Soap is Highly Moisturising

Store-bought, commercial soaps usually undergo a process designed specifically to remove the glycerine. Glycerine is found as the key ingredient in a natural traditional soap. It is highly moisturising because it attracts moisture to itself in and around the skin while bathing. Promoting a natural moisturising process that doesn’t dry out the skin like most mass production soaps on the market.

3.  Lots of Glycerin for Natural Skin Benefits

Glycerine naturally attracts alcohol and water, also cleanses skin. It is one of the most hydrating moisturisers for human skin according to many studies. It acts as a boost for sensitive skin, improving texture and protects skin from outside irritants.

There's a Soap for that: 5 Benefits Uncovered

4.  Better Ingredients Used

Commercial soaps are known to regularly contain Parabens, Sulphates, and Triclosan, which are thought to trigger allergies and other harmful side effects. That’s because a lot of mass production soaps are synthetic and forgo natural ingredients.

Natural soaps, however, usually use natural ingredients like olive and coconut oils, Shea butter etc. These are believed to be very healthy and nourishing for the skin. Ingredients used in organic soaps include many that are natural antioxidants. Because the process doesn’t extract these substances for other purposes, organic soaps can actually help to repair the skin by reducing inflammation and keeping skin hydrated.

Therefore natural soaps help you have young-looking, healthier skin.

5.  Unique, Handmade Product

Mass-produced soaps are made for efficiency of production, which means many units of the exact same size and composition are made in large quantities. The goal there is for profit, sometimes at the expense of the consumers.

Organic bars differ because they vary from each other in each batch. Which is how nature intended (think how different gardens are year to year). You can also rest assure your soap has an abundance of healthy ingredients and lacking the harmful ones -some of which they don’t even list in mass produced ones. They also house antibacterial agents like essential oils. Not only do these help fight harmful bacteria, but they also have great fragrances, like lavender, patchouli, orange, and eucalyptus among many other scents.

Beyond that there are many benefits to these scents used for natural soap. They can help to sooth your mind and body through aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is thought to relieve stress and improve overall mood and outlook

There's a Soap for that: 5 Benefits Uncovered

Handmade soaps take longer to produce, and usually use higher quality ingredients, hence the added cost, but they do tend to be easier on sensitive skin with many more benefits to your average store brand.

We for one love the variety in trying all the different combinations found at Urban soap Co. The quality shows for itself, don’t believe us? Try your fave scented bar today- you won’t be disappointed.

Written By: Veronika Kovecses

Photo Credit:Anita Dizgun

Have you ever made your own soap or taken a soap-making class? Let us know your favourite time in the comments! For more soap related content check out the latest products here.

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