Wrap It For Road Trip Season

Now that the prime driving months are here, it’s time to consider how your ride will glide into road trip season.  

If you’re considering a new look for the car as you are planning your weekends on the road, consider wrapping it! 

Wrap It For Road Trip Season

Adding a unique look to your car is the perfect excuse to hit the road and explore the region this summer.

Filling up your Insta reels with cool shots of you and your ride at various spots around the 705 area code will level up your social media game. And even get you a few free tags and mentions.

Wrap It For Road Trip Season

Cool Spots To Check Out

Haliburton Forest

Haliburton is a definite destination if you are on the hunt for a hidden gem.

The forest is located on over 100,000 acres of rolling hardwood forests, deep lakes and rivers in the Haliburton Highlands.

Further, there is no shortage of outdoorsy activities and wilderness adventures. Moreover, there is a Wolf Centre, fishing, hiking, astronomy, wolf howls, and guided experiences.

And if you need more ideas for your GPS, check out our weekly Road Trip feature! 

Get Started @ Wraptastic4

Getting started on a car wrap that works for you is beyond easy.

Make an appointment at Wraptastic4 to experience the most cutting-edge, interactive and collaborative approach to designing the look of your favorite auto or even fleet of vehicles!

Wrap It For Road Trip Season

Your Design, Your Way

Using an exciting and exclusive program available at Wraptastic4, you can take part in the design process.  

You have the ability to customize every panel, and upload your own designs and/or logo –true to size.

This not only ensures your car will look exactly how you envisioned it, but you can also experience the finished product in real time.

wraps for luxury cars

Written By: Stu Lynman

Photo Credits: Stephen Elliott

Have you considered getting your vehicle wrapped? Let us know what you think of the wrap done in this article by leaving a comment.

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