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Wrap It, Love It

Wrap It, Love It

Cool Ways to Wrap Your Car

As summer winds down, you’ve probably seen no end of distinct cars and vehicle colours on the roads.

Maybe it got you looking at your own ride and wondering…”is it time for a change”?

If that is an itch you need to scratch, the crew at Wraptastic4 can get you locked and loaded with a new look for your car!

And getting a head-turning paint job has never been easier. Read on to learn about the benefits of vinyl wrapping. 

Full Wrap

If total protection for your ride’s surfaces is what you’re going for, a full wrap is the route to go. This prevents damage all the way around your wheels. 

A matte finish is a trendy pick for sportier cars, but carbon fibre and metallic finishes can also draw lots of looks. Moreover, if you’ve got something more nuanced in mind, you can explore complex designs with digitally printed vinyl.

Partial Wrap

If customizing just one slice of your car is more your speed, a partial wrap might be your best bet.

With a partial wrap, you can decorate the hood, roof, or front bumper.

Among the many benefits of a vinyl wrap is that it doesn’t fade. So If you opt to get started on certain panels, you can always go back and add more later.

Any new additions will blend seamlessly together with existing vinyl, providing your car with a cohesive look.

Cockpits and Grilles

Cool Ways to Wrap Your Car

Focusing on a couple of the central parts of your car is another option to generate attention.  

The cockpit-style wrap job brings contrast and subtlety to a vehicle, although it’s more common in the realm of supercars.

The grille is a comparatively small area of your car, but it makes a huge impression. Grille-only wraps are ideal for drivers looking to make the largest impact with customization, on a limited budget.

And It Ain't Just Cars

Wraptastic4’s expertise isn’t limited to just cars. 

Wall graphics, signs, trailer wraps and even boats are well within their skill set.

If you have a image you want to reproduce at home, the office or in the great outdoors, Mark and his team can bring it to life. 

wraps for luxury cars

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