Barrie Uncovered is happy to introduce Xpagefy – A Unique Business in Barrie. Starting out as a small business entrepreneur can be daunting for the best of us.  Have you ever had an amazing website idea, or needed a website as a new entrepreneur? Working with Xpagefy takes away stress right from the get-go.

 Xpagefy is a cloud-based development platform that allows anyone to build a stunning website for themselves.  It’s so simple to use.  Just drag, drop and edit.

Introducing Sachin Leumas' Vision

A Unique Business in Barrie

‘Business only makes sense when everyone involves benefits.  Profit is the result of it all,’ says Sachin Leumas, co-owner of Xpagefy. With over 35 years of combined experience, Sachin and his partner have been able to bring premium website development at a cost affordable to all – without sacrificing quality.

User - Friendly

A Unique Business in Barrie

The user-friendly website development platform comes with clean, modern design lines and professional themes that can be easily adapted to whatever your needs.  The website building tool is designed for anyone at any level of technical expertise.  Virtually anyone from accredited professionals like your local physiotherapist to entrepreneurs or artisans that require eCommerce will find this drag and drop site extremely easy to use.

The Need is Now

A Unique Business in Barrie

Every business has become highly competitive, particularly having experienced what we have over the past two years.  Business owners have learned the need for the strongest online presence possible.  Proven time and time again lately is that consumers want captivating sites with ease of use. Unfortunately, until Xpagefy, the exorbitant fees charged by developers and the lack of coding skills by the average person have made websites unobtainable for many small business owners.  

Xpagefy - A Unique Business in Barrie with a Unique Outlook

A Unique Business in Barrie

The owners of Xpagefy both believe that premium websites should be available to all.  Whether you’re an artisan showcasing your talents or an influencer taking your blogs public, or even a musician promoting your sound – you no longer have to be a ‘tech-geek’ to stand with the best in the world of websites. Thank you Xpagefy.

Written By: Jane Laker

Photos by: Stephen Elliott

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